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God of the Golden Arms will allow no knife to penetrate his golden arm

What's the best thing that could be learned for Bengals fans? No, not Mike Brown stepping down. No, not Bob Bratkowski getting replaced. No, not winning a playoff game. While those would be nice...

Palmer threw 100% and feels great, ready for OTAs; will determine surgery based on recent MRI

After the Bengals won the season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs, Carson Palmer showed up for the post-game press conference and gave some nice little nuggets heading into the off-season. ...

Carson Palmer is cutting the football loose; Leon Hall is among league leaders in something

The play of Leon Hall can either really blow your mind, or just blow. Against the Redskins, he was twisting, turning, breaking three steps late with the receiver fearing deeper patterns which...

Palmer is closer than Officer Barbrady thought

Maybe we were a bit too excited with our excuse of using Officer Barbrady's depiction, not getting all giddy that Carson Palmer was finally throwing a football. Excellent news for Palmer is that...

Carson Palmer is throwing again, but not really close

During the broadcast, the seventh team (notably Ian Eagle) on CBS made fun of Carson Palmer throwing a Nerf football, joking that he could throw a nerf a "country mile" and that to "call him" when...

Good Thanksgiving football means winning teams outscore losing teams by 90 points

(Site Note: the links and notes section is listed at the end of this posting... make sure you run through them) They killed my brother! I will have vengence. For as long I can remember,...

If there's nothing to say, then let's say something obvious

If you have nothing to say, then say the most obvious thing. Pro Football Weekly made a revelation that blew this blogger away; the "Bengals' pass-rush woes may get worse after lose of DEs...

Palmer will start throwing Dec 7 before deciding surgery

Even Palmer wonders if he'll play again this season. If you're fan, you've dreaded it. If you're media, you've questioned it. If you're a teammate, you're against it. In the end, Carson...

Palmer will miss his fifth straight game, and sixth of the past seven

Carson Palmer will miss his fifth straight game, and his sixth of the past seven games, Sunday as the Bengals host the Philadelphia Eagles. Palmer spent the weekend with doctors around the West...

Carson Watch: Palmer seeing specialists over bye week

Carson Palmer watch continues. Over the bye weekend, Palmer will see another two doctors and a rehab specialists -- hardly the tone in which a player would return for seven remaining games. H...

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