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News Regarding Cincy Jungle: Record Month And Maybe A "Hiring" To Come?


When I first joined SB Nation, the Cincinnati Bengals had come off a playoff season in 2005 and entered the Year. You know the year, players were arrested, shamed and Bengals fans were simply...

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Mentions Cincy Jungle


In the hours before the Bengals Monday Night adventure against the Pittsburgh Steelers, our very own Jason Garrison joined season ticket holders during a mini-forum to answer fan questions about...

Updated Rules And Guidelines At Cincy Jungle

Since community rules and actions were brought up in a recent FanPost, and since we've been working on an updated set of rules to help make CincyJungle.com a better experience, we thought now would...

Site News: 24-Hour New Registration Wait


This is just for new users that's sign up for a new account in the past few days. Most of the spam that's generated on the site, come from accounts that sign up, spam the site and move on. And...

Message to New Users: Welcome To Cincy Jungle


If you're new to the site, finding us during recent Terrell Owens news and discovering that we're pretty badass and worth your time hanging out, then make yourself known, introduce yourself, tell...

It's A Boy: Cincy Jungle Welcomes Someone to the Family


During our relentless draft coverage, ranging from the ridiculous amounts of visits and activity from the Bengals coaches -- all of those reports on the Bengals checking out quarterbacks turned out...

So you think you can blog?


Roughly four years ago I was recruited into SB Nation to start up a blog about the Cincinnati Bengals. The site was designed to be a voice of the fans, by the fans, for the fans and a bunch of...

CincyJungle reaches a new level -- we're actually on Facebook now


The world comes to an end usually when one of two things happen. It explodes. Or Cincy Jungle finally joins the ranks of Facebook. That's right. Cincy Jungle is now on Facebook. But we desperately...

A big hearty thank you from Cincy Jungle; a message to veterans and newbies


Even though this is only the second week in the NFL season, we've been hard at work since way back during the NFL draft; well, I guess we really haven't taken a break, so to speak. Since then, our...

ESPN sets policy on Tweeting; Don't forget about Cincy Jungle's Twitter page


I'm doing my best to get onto the Twitter bandwagon. I've learned while blogging the Bengals for over six years, that if you fall behind with technology, then you're just not modern enough to...

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