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It was great having the Bengals on Hard Knocks; SBNation.com relaunches


+ Last night, SB Nation relaunched the home page, SBNation.com, which will seek to do on a national level what each SB Nation network blog already does for its team or sport: provide the most...

Hard Knocks IV: Cutdown day looms


The upcoming cutdown day took front and center with several players. Antonio Chatman, Chris Pressley, DeDe Dorsey and Brian Leonard had dinner, talking about it. Andrew Whitworth and his wife...

No DVD Release for Bengals Hard Knocks


The Enquirer's television reporter John Kiesewetter brings you terrible news. If you're expected a DVD release, or a re-airing of the Bengals Hard Knocks, then don't expect it. "There will be no...

Hard Knocks Episode Two: Barbershop talking shop and Palmer's hand smells


The second showing of Hard Knocks, while not as controversial, was just as good. The episode started in a barbershop, with two older men chatting about the Bengals and specifically Carson Palmer,...

Final thoughts on Hard Knocks


There's a few final notes left over from Wednesday night's Hard Knocks -- after that, we'll start digging into the Bengals game this Friday (Friday, FRIDAY) against the New Orleans Saints. +...

Maurice Purify Absolutely Buries Roy Williams


Video of Maurice Purify blasting Roy Williams from the Bengals Hard Knocks show.

What Are They Saying: Reactions around the web about Hard Knocks


John Thornton reflects on the first episode of Hard Knocks. He liked it. But thought the way the team released J.D. Runnels, telling the former Bengals fullback he has no ability, was cold. I...

Hard Knocks Episode One: Fullbacks, Tight Ends and Pissitivity


If you watched Hard Knocks on Wednesday night, you learned a new word. Pissitivity, which includes five levels of being pissed off, through the eyes of Chad Ochocinco Johnson. As a side note, we...

We're monitoring you until you sleep. And then we're watching you sleep.


The Bengals rolled into camp Thursday which means two things. While we're still several weeks out before the regular season starts, the NFL is back, baby! That also means the camera crew of Hard...

Friday Notes: Rankings, spellings, storylines... oh my


+ Scout, Inc has the Bengals ranked 25th in their first power rankings. 25) Cincinnati Bengals: The offensive line is a shell of what it once was, but the addition of Andre Smith will help....

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