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Question of the Day: Shouldn't we support the Cincinnati Bengals?


It becomes official Thursday afternoon at 1 PM. The Cincinnati Bengals will not sellout their third home game of the season hosting the Houston Texans. Ian Preuth writes: Jack Brennan, the Bengals...

Hard Knocks Episode One: Fullbacks, Tight Ends and Pissitivity


If you watched Hard Knocks on Wednesday night, you learned a new word. Pissitivity, which includes five levels of being pissed off, through the eyes of Chad Ochocinco Johnson. As a side note, we...

Bengals owner Mike Brown says that Vick "isn't a fit". That was close.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Geoff Hobson writes: Also Tuesday, Bengals president Mike Brown said Mike Vick isn't a fit here because of the presence of Carson Palmer. "Quarterbacks are...

My final thought on Michael Vick to Cincinnati idea; Hard Knocks to feature something on Mike Brown?


Out of the interest of fun, here's the comparison Michael Vick and J.T. O'Sullivan's respective careers. Point is that many people believe that Vick would be a better backup quarterback. And based...

Levi Jones, Roy Williams and Mike Brown didn't cause my migraine


Apparently if you ask five different doctors, they'll give you five different possibilities as to the cause of migraine headaches. While they can agree on the triggers, the variations and degrees...

Czarnecki: Mike Brown worst draft decision-maker


Whenever someone headlines an article as "Best and worst draft decision-makers", I cringe. No, I suddenly have stomach issues. You know the feeling; you kind of feel hungry, but you might be...

Open Thread: Come up with creative nicknames for Bengals players


The best part about working for the government, who my anarchist cousin calls me a trader because I'm working for the man, is that we get every holiday off, and sometimes on the Friday before a...

Sometimes you have to spike the Kool-aid with Jack Daniels


One of the most polarizing players to Bengals fans -- and even his own damned last name -- is wide receiver Chad Johnson. He's probably the most written about player on this blog, with his own...

Marvez writes that Brown's patience benefits Marvin Lewis


The thing I hate about "coach on the hot seat" discussions, is that rarely, if ever, do authors follow up their reasons for job termination with acceptable replacement candidates -- and never do...

What can fans do to turn this around?


James Walker's Voice of the People actually included a Bengals fan! We're still not sure if there's absolutely zero Bengals fans chiming in, or Bengals fans don't drip with compliments as many of...

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