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CJ Writer's Mock Draft: Vikings on Deck


Who will Mike Zimmer and his Vikings take with the 8th-overall pick?

Redskins are "prepared to meet" with defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer this weekend


You can't argue that the biggest reason Cincinnati's defense has become a well respected defense in this league is the team's defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer. Rumor recently surfaced that the W...

Tuesday Morning Links and Notes: There is no battle between Palmer and Chad


During an interview with Scouts Inc, Matt Williamson was asked, "Will the public fighting between Palmer and Ochocinco eventually blow over, or can this impact chemistry between the two?" Why do...

New season of Lost starts tonight; Wednesday afternoon links and notes


The new season of Lost starts tonight, in a three-hour extrava-freaking-ganza. First, the recap show -- a show that summarizes the show to this point, commonplace after lengthy breaks. Then, two...

No Mike Zimmer for you; a look at how 2008 defense compares during Marvin Lewis era


The Dallas Cowboys should go after Mike Zimmer (again), writes Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News. "Yes, he has a contract in Cincinnati, but he has such a close relationship with ...

Bengals' Mike Zimmer lead a defensive unit that could be scary-good in 2009


I think one of the most understated changes this season that's been largely ignored by everyone (including us), was the acquisition of defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer. Even though the Bengals...

Thursday afternoon links and notes -- players give vote of confidence on Lewis


Chick Ludwig counters the argument that there's talent on this team. The truth is, if there's so much talent, why are they the only team being 0-8? However, Ludwig argues in another piece that it...

Gameday Links and notes -- preseason game #3


On the night of January 22, 1989, the Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers that left me cursing at the television, throwing pillows and the like, frustrated as hell. After that display, I was...

Saturday afternoon links and notes -- gawd, I hate lists


Site question: Sometimes we load the site with a ton of content that makes you scroll down, at times, for hours. My question to you is this, do you want the full list of our daily links and notes,...

Wednesday morning links and notes -- if Henry comes back...


Chris Henry isn't coming back to Cincinnati. If he does, I'll leave this job. Carson Palmer on Chris Perry: "It seems like he is so much faster than everybody else out there." Rudi Johnson says...

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