Tecmo Bowl Futures - Bengals Vs. Dolphins

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

After a dominating win on Sunday, many people wonder what the Bengals will do on Halloween to follow up their performance. I once again turn to Tecmo to simulate the Bengals Vs. The Dolphins.


The Bengals start off on defense and Carlos Dunlap is able to get to Ryan Tannehill 2 times. The D forces the Dolphins to punt.

2_medium 3_medium

On the Bengals first possession, Andy Dalton scrambles to the end zone for a touchdown.


Again, the Bengals defense is strong. They force some inaccurate passing from Tannehill and also Geno Atkins gets a sack. The Dolphins punt yet again.

5_medium 6_medium


The Bengals fail to get into the endzone on their next possession and are forced to a field goal. On the Dolphins next drive, Dunlap gets a sack behind the goal line for a safety.

9_medium 10_medium

At the end of one, the Bengals are on top 12 - 0.


The Dolphins finally slow the Bengals on a sack from Philip Wheeler. The Bengals punt the ball away.

12_medium 13_medium

Mike Wallace shows some life for the Dolphins, but Michael Johnson slams the door and forces another punt.

14_medium 15_medium


Giovani Bernard breaks a run and adds another score for the Bengals.

17_medium 18_medium

The Dolphins add a score of their own from Lamar Miller to finally get on the board.

19_medium 20_medium

At the half, the Bengals lead 19 - 7.

21_medium 22_medium

To start the second half the Bengals open up with a long pass to A.J. Green. Then a Bernard run results in a bad injury.

23_medium 24_medium

The Bengals still manage to find the end zone on a pass from Dalton to Green.

26_medium 27_medium

Some poor play from the Dolphins leaves them having to punt once again.

28_medium 29_medium

On the Bengals drive, Andy Dalton is forced to leave the game with an injury.


Josh Johnson comes into the game and throws a back of the end zone interception.

31_medium 32_medium

At the end of 3 the Bengals lead 26 - 7.


The Bengals defense is still playing lights out and record sacks from Michael Johnson and a safety for Vontaze Burfict.

33_medium 35_medium

Josh Johnson makes up for his earlier pick with a long pass to Green.

36_medium 37_medium


Some more tough defense and the Dolphins turn it over on downs.

39_medium 40_medium

Then A.J. Green caps off the game with another score.

42_medium 43_medium

The Bengals top the Dolphins 42 - 7.

44_medium 45_medium

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