Training Camp

Bengals Clamoring For Depth At Left Guard; Multiple Players Getting Reps

The Bengals are looking for a solution at backup guard

DeQuin Evans Battles the Odds to Become a Bengal

DeQuin Evans battles the odds to become a Bengal.

Bernard Scott Who? Marvin Lewis Reveals Man-Crush on Jay Finley

Marvin Lewis loves him some Jay Finley.

Preseason Offers Glimpse of Potential Strengths, Certain Weaknesses

Preseason arrives, offering Bengals fans a first real look at the team.

Andre Smith Fractured His Foot

Andre Smith fractures his left foot.

Andre Smith's Heavy Contract Stipulation

Andre Smith should watch his weight

Well, Of Course He Does (Andre Smith)

Andre Smith needs lots of work

Bill Belichick Loves Him Some Ochocinco

Ochocinco and Bill Belichick are buds.

The Bengals Welcome Ventrell Jenkins

Allow me, with great pleasure, to introduce Ventrell Jenkins, a rookie free agent defensive end just picked up by the Bengals. Now normally, I don't roll out the orange carpet for every free...

Eugene Monroe Signs, Still No Word on Andre Smith

Bengals still dragging their feet with Andre Smith


Maurice Purify Absolutely Buries Roy Williams

Video of Maurice Purify blasting Roy Williams from the Bengals Hard Knocks show.

Chad And The Gang

Chad Ochocinco continues his world domination tour, via Twitter.

Bengals Training Camp: The vastly improved Bengals linebackers will be fun to watch this year

Let me take you back to September 4, 2007. The Bengals just won their first preseason game, beating the Indianapolis Colts 14-6 to end with a 1-3 preseason record. It was time to participate in...

Bengals Release their 2009 Depth Chart for Training Camp

On Tuesday, published the team's 2009 Depth Chart -- which is likely to change from now until meeting, and destroying, the Denver Broncos in September. Any surprises? J.T. O'Sullivan...

Bengals Training Camp: Projecting three veteran players that miss the cut

Each year, we examine the team's roster heading into training camp and predict which veteran players will miss the cut. Much of the reasoning is cost -- aka, salary cap casualties. Levi Jones...

Bengals Training Camp: Pressure on the quarterback has to be the focus for the defense

If the Bengals offensive line is a concern on the team's offense, then similarly, the Bengals defensive line is a concern on the team's defense. Unlike previous years, the concern isn't so much...

Bengals Training Camp: Is the Bengals offensive line better than last year? "We'll see".

The Bengals offensive line. There wasn't a phrase spoken in 2008 that didn't frighten us more. Carson Palmer's bloody nose. Injured elbow. The 29th best rushing offense in the league, averaging 95...

Bengals Training Camp: Depth at Running Back is Open Competition

In his final three games last season, Cedric Benson recorded 462 yards total (rushing and receiving) on 89 touches -- 5.2 yards-per-touch. Against the Redskins, Browns and Chiefs, Benson recorded...

Bengals Training Camp: The Position without Competition

If the Bengals have any position that won't bring a collection of suspects that vie for position, it's quarterback. In fact, one has to even wonder why you'd even need to talk about it. No one will...

Carson Seems Done With Chad

Has the marriage come to an end? Did Chad Nolastname finally alienate the quarterback who helped make him a star? Judging by Carson's interview on Sirius' NFL Network, it looks like Palmer's...

Vick made a "mistake"?

When you think of Michael Vick, the word "mistake" is hardly a common one. A mistake would be missing an exit on the highway. A mistake would be cooking a steak medium well when you wanted it...

Tight ends waived, Lemar Marshall returns home and a Sam Wyche sighting

Either later today, or tomorrow morning, we'll release Monday Night's preview. That will, like the others, will appear in the Diaries to the right. As of now, it's more or less a press release....

Judge calls NFL hypocrites for allowing beer advertising while punishing Thurman

First, the praise writer portion of this post: I appreciate Paul Daugherty's columns. They are well thoughtout. I appreciate writers that can take a stand on a position and stick with it. You may...

Dealing with the Cricket Overlord

Last night, around my 1 a.m. bedtime, it sounded as if local crickets were making sounds towards the full moon. Problem is, there was no full moon. And the only cricket making sounds was inside my...

Pasquarelli reports from Bengals training camp's Len Pasquarelli published his five observations about the Cincinnati Bengals. If you follow the Bengals with any regularity, this is pretty much status quo information -- and stuff we've...

Thurman's Case Goes to U.S., Saints join Bengals in practice, Kenny Chesney at WR and flash backs

The case for Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman, while the player's union sits on their hands awaiting order from NFL Chancellor Roger Goodell regarding Thurman's appeal, is heading to the...

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