Training Camp

Thursday's Musings

Len Pasquarelli wrote a good piece on Rudi Johnson being one of the league's premier workhorses. Like previous off-seasons, Rudi has spent time redeveloping his body to withstand the pounding and...

Reminder: Bengals play tonight in Detroit

The first pre-season game is scheduled tonight at 7:30pm at Detroit. We'll blog the game, so have a beer and a pretzel and join us about that time.Things to look for... The Bengals wide receivers...

Kitna glad to see old mates again.

I've been unexpectedly away the past few days. So let's run down some old stuff.It was surprising the total disdain some (not all) Bengals fans had for Jon Kitna. Not only was he class act, a man...

Tab Perry should be alright, Bengals roll their top 40 moments

Tab Perry, after having his hip checked out Thursday, will "probably" miss the remaining practices and games this weekend to rest his hip, Hobson reports Perry's agent as saying.Bo Jackson suffered...

So you think you can touchdown dance? Chad will decide.

Chad Johnson, the Colt crusher and charitable Pepto administrator, is hosting the Chad Johnson Touchdown Celebration Showdown. You have until August 20 to submit your touchdown celebration video....

Bumpy Humpday Wednesday

Part II of my long drive into work with bossman, a Bengals fan, detailed Odell Thurman. He's convinced that Thurman will never play again. I, on the other hand, found myself in the middle. Thurman...

Do the Bengals have the best Cornerback depth in the NFL?

I drove my boss into work this morning. For over an hour, we chatted about Bengals football. Granted, he's not the type that keeps checking the main sites hourly to see if there's any change. I...

The man that is Sean Mulcahy

Let's follow the sequence of events today for Bengals tight end, Sean Mulcahy former NFLe superstar.After morning practice, Justin Smith said, "It wasn't much of a collision, but it looked like he...

Neck injury, Palmer sits out, Steiny talks

During Monday morning's practice, Bengals tight end and former NFLe player Sean Mulcahy, was taken off the field in an ambulance after suffering an apparent "neck injury". While there's nothing...

Running game, Chad Johnson and a suggestion for

No one confuses Chad Johnson's work ethic with the work ethic of the legendary Jerry Rice or Walter Payton. I highly doubt that either eat, drank and lived McDonalds three times a day for seven...

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