Week 9: Bengals at Dolphins

All stories, analysis, updates, news on the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins Thursday Night Football game.

Breaking down final three plays against Miami

One comment in a FanPost asked about the final three plays against the Dolphins, so we broke those plays down.

Gruden on Dalton: Played well, just two bad throws


Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator didn't view Dalton's performance against Miami as bad -- just two throws.

For The Bengals, The Test Is Yet To Come

The Bengals have faced some early adversity this year in the form of a daunting schedule and incurred injuries, but the biggest challenges are coming down the pike with the second half of their...

Gio Bernard Wins CJ MVP Against the Miami Dolphins


There were few brights spots in Cincinnati's loss to the Miami Dolphins. Giovani Bernard was the brightest.

Film Room: Defensive ends in run defense

Geno Atkins may be done for the year, but a big reason the Bengals have been successful in run defense is because Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap so rarely let runs bounce outside.

Fan Poll: Lewis' Icing Of Kicker A Good Idea?


We ask you, the readers, your thoughts on the idea of icing the Dolphins kicker on the game-tying field goal in the fourth quarter of the Thursday night Bengals loss.

Lewis disputes holding call on Jermaine Gresham


Early in the third quarter, Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones scored a 50-yard touchdown to tie the game at 10. Only that Jermaine Gresham was called for a hold, negating the touchdown.

Time For Bengals Youngsters To Grow Up Fast.

Injuries to many Bengals players on both sides of the ball have forced many young players to play large roles for the second half of the 2013 season. They will need to mature into solid NFL players...

The Bengals aren't done, and neither are you


Despite the horrible events that made Thursday one of the worst in a long-time, this season isn't over.

Giovani Bernard could be ready by Baltimore

Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard suffered a fourth quarter rib injury and could be ready by week 10 against the Ravens.


Bengals confirm Geno Atkins suffered ACL tear

The Cincinnati Bengals were hesitant on calling Atkins' injury a torn ACL, just saying it was an ACL injury. They confirmed it was an ACL tear on Friday.

Bengals vs. Dolphins Grades


Grading out the Bengals performance against the Dolphins, breaking it down position by position.

Should have Nuge attempted overtime field goal?


We take a look at the Bengals decision-making process towards the end of the game.

Giovani Bernard's performance lone bright spot


Giovani Bernard single-handedly brought Cincinnati back into the game against Miami with two touchdowns, including a game-tying score early in the fourth quarter.

Marvin Lewis disputes safety against the Dolphins


Cincinnati Bengals head coach didn't believe that the correct call was made to end the game. It appears that it was, or at least too close to overturn the call that was made on the field.

Bengals vs. Dolphins: Bengals Snap Distribution


Taking a look at the Bengals snap distribution on offense and defense during the team's 22-20 loss to the New York Jets.

Geno Atkins suffers ACL injury

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins suffered an ACL injury in the second quarter against the Miami Dolphins.

Bengals sacked in Miami


The Cincinnati Bengals were unable to overcome their mistakes, losing 22-20 to the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

Atkins suffers knee injury against the Dolphins


Cincinnati Bengals all-star defensive tackle was carted to the locker room after sustaining a right knee injury.

Whitworth's knee "too swollen to play tonight"


Cincinnati Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth is taking the night off against the Miami Dolphins with a swollen knee.

Bengals vs. Dolphins: Inactive List


The Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins have announced their seven players that won't play on Thursday, giving both teams the maximum 46 man game-day roster.

Four things to watch for between Bengals/Dolphins


Taking a look at four things that could dictate Thursday's game against the Miami Dolphins.

Linebacker Michael Boley not expected to play


Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Michael Boley has been dealing with a hamstring.

Dolphins a dangerous team for the Bengals


The Miami Dolphins are dealing with several distractions on and off the field.

Bengals activate Hawkins to the 53-man roster


Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins was finally taken off the team's IR list and placed on the team's 53-man roster.

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