Week in Review

Bengals Week in Review (Chiefs week): Plus Congress and the NFL.

Even though Rudi Johnson is listed as probable for Sunday's game against the Chiefs, Bengals.com says that Marvin Lewis will decide around gametime if he plays or not. Typical cloak and dagger...

Week in Review: Injury keeps the Bengals behind eight-ball

Heading into Monday Night's game against the New England Patriots, the Bengals infirmary is filling up. The typical three are out -- Rashad Jeanty, Ethan Kilmer and Tab Perry. Rudi Johnson was...

Week in Review -- Seahawks Week

This week in review was a misappropriation. Over the week, I came to discover I was in the minority. I didn't fault Lewis for his critical press conference performance. I let it go as a head coach...

Week in Review -- Browns Week

I've dove into the debate of what's better: College football or the NFL. Sometimes I take the high road and say, "why debate this?" It's football and they're great in their own regard. Some suggest...

Week in Review -- Ravens week

There's really nothing better than a kill-joy activist, who would love nothing more than to banish all recreational sporting activities, progressing an ideal that would breed us into lazy society...

The Week in Review

So right about now, 90% of CJ readers are out doing some last minute shopping -- well, for guys it's termed, regularly scheduled shopping. Me? A few well placed gift certificates from the comfort...

The Week in Review...

If you're the fans of the Atlanta Falcons, how do you react? Do you go into a rage against head coach Jim Mora Jr. saying he'd leave Atlanta for the Washington Huskies if it became available? Do...

Week in review... thinking Cincinnati sports

If you see or hear something enough, you'll eventually become desensitized by it. How many times do you gasp in shock when politicians fail to pass a budget or are criminalized in front of the...

The week in review... and hating on the Pro-Bowl.

With 4:20 left in the fourth quarter, Kyle Larson drilled a punt 51 yards to Corey Ivy. Ivy muffed the punt and Ethan Kilmer scooped up the ball and ran into the end-zone. However, by NFL rules, if...

Week in review...

When I look at the college football schedule this Saturday, I get a little bummed out; there’s no Ohio State football on. In fact, the Buckeyes don’t take the field for another month and a...

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