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2019 East-West Shrine Game: 5 prospects for Bengals fans to watch

Before we get to the Senior Bowl, we mustn’t look past this week’s Shrine Game. Here’s a look at five players to watch for.

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Is the Bengals’ staff overhaul too fast and furious to ensure immediate success?

Cincinnati has been in full house-cleaning mode since 2019 has begun, but is that setting themselves up for a fourth-straight losing season, despite the coaching change?

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Film room: What Zac Taylor’s offense in Cincinnati could look like in 2019

Looking at the Rams offense to see what we should expect for the Bengals.

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Report: Zac Taylor “very interested” in Washington OL coach Bill Callahan

One reporter thinks it’s "extremely likely" Callahan ends up in Cincinnati.

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Tyler Boyd talks new Bengals coaches, 2018 production and more with Cincy Jungle

We took a few minutes to catch up with the Bengals’ receiver after his breakout 2018 campaign. What does he think about the team’s future? What about his own—is it in Cincinnati?

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Bengals plan to hire Rams QBs coach Zac Taylor, per report

It looks like the Bengals have found their man.

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OPEN THREAD: East-West Shrine Game & NFLPA Bowl

The college football all-star circuit begins.

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Important offseason dates for the 2019 season

See when everything will be happening this offseason.

Bengals news (1/19): Flash or substance?

The Bengals have some big decisions to make this offseason—particularly when it comes to April’s Draft.

The Zac Taylor transition: 3 things the Bengals’ new regime needs to do

The Bengals and their new head coach have a lot of work to do. Here are the top 3 things they should focus on.

Zac Taylor and the Bengals quarterback situation

Is Zac Taylor being coveted by the Bengals to work with Andy Dalton, or find his replacement?

East-West Shrine Game 2019: How to watch and follow

Every year, participants from the East-West Shrine Game end up filling NFL rosters. Here’s how you can watch.

Around AFC North: Mike Tomlin gets the help that Marvin Lewis needed

There is no doubt that Marvin Lewis and Mike Tomlin both struggle with something very important to head coaches.

Bengals News (1/18): Honoring the future, mourning the past

A couple young Bengals received recognition for their efforts in 2018, while a former Bengals player has passed away.

Bengals listed as a potential landing spot for Nick Foles

How likely is it that Cincinnati will pursue the former Super Bowl winning quarterback?

Bengals grab an OT in Mel Kiper’s first mock draft

But it’s not Jonah Williams.

Frank Pollack’s departure hurts the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals and their unofficial soon-to-be-hired head coach will need to find a replacement.

Bengals News (1/17): What Zac Taylor’s biggest hurdle to success will be

Zac Taylor will likely be making his way over from the Rams after his team is finished in the playoffs, but will he be able to replicate that same success?

The Chop Block

Taking an informal look at the Cincinnati Bengals with Josh Kirkendall. We react to things, reflect on other things, and talk past, present, and future.

The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 1/16 livestream

On this week’s episode, the OBI crew discusses the pros and cons of their head coach selection still working through championship weekend, while also asking the question of if the Bengals are scrapping too much too soon and what’s ahead at quarterback.

Lions hire Bengals OC target Darrell Bevell

Cincinnati is running out of good options at OC.

Bengals mailbag: Draft positioning and coach congeniality

Does a new coach automatically mean that a quarterback will come in the draft? Is there a concern that some seasoned veterans could tune out a younger, unproven coach?

Bengals coordinator search: 6 under-the-radar candidates

Many of the Bengals’ best options for offensive and defensive coordinator are taking jobs elsewhere, here are a few different names they should consider hiring.

Significant praise for soon-to-be Bengals head coach Zac Taylor

Cincinnati is expected to offer Zac Taylor their head coaching vacancy soon and he’s expected to accept.

Bengals OL coach Frank Pollack left the team, per report

It was Pollack who decided it was time for a split.

An update on the Bengals’ search for coordinators

The Bengals remain without an offensive and defensive coordinator. Their options right now are not the same as they were a few days ago.

Bengals News (1/16): Joe Mixon makes his opinion heard

Joe Mixon doesn’t seem pleased with the team moving on from offensive line coach Frank Pollack.

Ryan Tannehill to the Bengals: Why it makes sense

The Bengals are in the process of resetting their franchise, which makes whoever their quarterback is now all but irrelevant.

The Orange & Black Insider

Could the Bengals get Miami QB Ryan Tannehill?

One NFL reporter thinks it’s possible.

Geno Atkins drops out of Pro Bowl


You can bet on the Bengals getting Antonio Brown

The odds of Antonio Brown playing in Cincinnati are about as good as him playing in Pittsburgh.

Bengals News

Tyler Boyd gives an injury update on his knee

Boyd is nearing the end of a recovery that’s taken over a month.

Don’t be too quick to judge the Bengals hiring Zac Taylor

History shows us that outside views on head coaching hires can be dead wrong.

Bengals News (1/15): NFL should consider changing their head coach tampering rules

The Bengals are reportedly worried they could be punished for the way it was announced that Zac Taylor will likely be the teams next head coach despite him still coaching in the playoffs.

Zac Taylor is coming to town, which free agents can he bring with him from the Rams?

The first free agency under Zac Taylor could see one or two of his former players coming to the Queen City with him.

Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray declares for the NFL Draft

Could Murray be someone the Bengals look at in Round 1? Will he even be there at No. 11?


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