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Monday Morning Coffee

You knew the start of the week would come with some Chris Henry article, didn't you? I've had some discussions about the issue this weekend. It seems when people defend Henry, it boils down to a greater social problem conveniently looking past Henry's actions. Some even go into a red-faced rage demanding quality character and accountability at the risk of losing by 25 points. Let's face it, we're all hypocrites. We complain about the character issues on this team even though we've started out 3-1 (Yay). However, if there were no character issues on this team and started 1-3 (Boo), we'd complain about the talent of this team. We're Cincinnatians - also been called mini-New Yorkers - we love to complain about our teams; that's sports love yo.


  • It seems like a sure-thing that Dexter Jackson will be back against Tampa Bay reports Mark Curnutte. He doesn't have anything on his leg to support his ankle and he was in a re-conditioning phase on Monday.
  • However, the news seems a bit darker with Rashad Jeanty and the boot still on his foot.