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Obviously, Steinbach will cure all.

I might be in the minority here. I'm just not as confident that Eric Steinbach will cure the offensive line's let-the-QB-get-sacked woes. Is he suitable for the job? Obviously, yes. Is Andrew Whitworth suitable for the left guard? Maybe. He looked alright during the pre-season.

The popular opinion, with the justified argument that Eric Steinbach is our most versatile offensive linemen, is to put him at center and move Whitworth to guard. And in reality, it's looking more and more like it's going to happen Sunday.

One of the NFL's most versatile offensive linemen, Steinbach might be preparing to make a start at his third position this season.

He received practice snaps at center last week before the bye, Steinbach said Monday, and he worked with the starting offense at center early in practice Monday afternoon when the Bengals returned to work to get ready for their game Sunday at Tampa Bay.

Eric Ghiaciuc's first two starts this season came against Casey Hampton and Vince Wilfork -- welcome to the NFL kid. If the Bengals weren't designated for another playoff appearance and their play reflected that, I'd say give the kid some time to gain some experience. However, that's not the case. This team needs to quickly fill problematic holes and it appears that this is the team's solution.

Do you guys think Steinbach at center and Whitworth at guard will solve the Palmer-getting-sacked-too-many-times issue? Or are we moving the offensive line problem from center to left guard?