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Bengals need that #3 receiver.

Is Kelley Washington "valuable" again? He and the associated press believe so. As fans and as readers, we know the depth at wide receiver has been tested this season. Will Kelley Washington step up? For his career, Washington has 72 receptions, 893 yards and nine touchdowns.

What about Antonio Chatman? Still without a reception this season -- due to injury -- Chatman is coming off a career season; 49 receptions, 549 yards and four touchdowns.

The Bengals offense desperately needs that #3 receiver. In the past two games, the credible defenses of New England and Pittsburgh kept a safety deep, a corner around the intermediate zone and a linebacker underneath. You can slow down the Bengals passing game doing this because there's no concern about a third receiver with Chris Henry out. And the lack of a tight end threat and Chris Perry out until next week, defenses can key and double Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh and slow down (if not stall) the passing game.