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The Bengals back to tackling 101.

Cincinnati's rush defense has been horrible the past two games. That's a mind blowing statement if you're a Cincinnatian or a fan, isn't it? Injury, not personnel, would be a logical conclusion if you must find answers, Dr. Jones. Losing Pollack hurt. Thurman's appearance on "Cops" hurt because, no matter what Marvin Lewis says, it put this team back. But Dexter Jackson?

Bengals coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, former coordinator for Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden when they were in Oakland, said Jackson has brought the same attitude to the Bengals defense that linebacker Bill Romanowski brought to the Raiders.

"He plays fast, with a high level of intensity," Bresnahan said of Jackson. "We have missed his talking."

I like Jackson. I think he brings a lot to the table and solidifies the secondary. Well, I suppose just releasing Ohalete would solidify the secondary anyway. But Jackson makes it that much better. However, the game that Jackson returns is meaningless until this professional football team remembers how to tackle.
  • So who's going to play where on the offensive line Sunday.
  • Joe Henderson says the Bengals are good. I suppose the 3-1 record tipped him off.
  • I admit, I'm impressed with Chad Johnson's attitude with his disappointing numbers this season. With the understanding that he's absorbing a majority of the defensive game-plan, the offense can do more elsewhere. That level of "team player" should boost the lovefest we have for #85.
  • Jon Gruden confirmed the Bucs will start a rookie guard Sunday in Davin Joseph.