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Gameday: Bengals AT Tampa Bay

GAME: Cincinnati at Tampa Bay
WHEN: Sunday, 1:00 p.m.
SB Nation: None


  • Brian Simmons is out after waking up with a neck problem. Ahmad Brooks will start at middle linebacker, Landon Johnson will start at strong-side linebacker and Caleb Miller on the weak-side.
  • Dexter Jackson is still out; K.K is starting.
  • Eric Steinbach will start at CENTER and Andrew Whitworth will start at LEFT GUARD.
  • Doug Johnson moves to the #2 QB while Reggie McNeal is the #3.
You can see this week's injury updates here

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3:05: Bad news fellas. I have to run. I apologize to those that actually read this. Please, comment if you want. If someone can take over, that would be awesome. Sorry again fellas.

2:55: Incomplete pass. Chad ran down the left sideline and Palmer overthrew the pass out of bounds. Punt.

2:52: Bengals are coming out strong. Rudi, on three carries so far this drive, has runs of 12, 5 and 6. The offensive line, so far this half, is taking control. Chad and Palmer actually connected on a timing pass and T.J. gained one-yard on an end around setting up a 3rd-and-3 at midfield. The game has stopped due to an injured Buc (Quarles).

2:35: Half time. The Bengals offense has been sloppy. However, this is a typical grind it out defensive-struggle football game. Bengals lead 7-0.

2:33: The Bengals started nicely with an 18-yard pass to Chad, a four yard pass to Watson and then an 8-yard pass to Rudi. Then Palmer dropped back and felt a little pressure. He stepped up in the pocket and took a sack. Not the line's fault. Then Palmer threw a 6-yard pass to T.J and called a timeout. On 3rd-and-5, Palmer passed to Chad but lack of awareness and difficult route forced the Bengals to go for it on fourth. Palmer's pass, on fourth down, was batted at the line and the Bengals turn it over.

2:28: OK, Whitworth moved out to left tackle and Steinbach to left guard. Jones is out for the game (?). The Bengals offense is moving.

2:26: INTERCEPTION. First play in the remaining two minutes, the Bucs QB overthrew the pass (expecting a different route for his intended receiver), and KK picked off the pass. NICE! Let's go!

2:24: Two minute warning. After a no gain by Williams, the Bucs QB tossed a laser to Clayton for a 10-yard gain and first down. The Bucs are at the Cincinnati 47 at the two minute warning.

2:21: After a dropped pass by T.J., Whitworth was called for holding on a short run by Rudi Johnson. Incomplete to Rudi set up a 3rd-and-20 at the 23. Draw to Chatman for two yards (obvious call) and punt.

2:19: Levi Jones is out. Steinbach is in at left tackle; Whitworth at left guard; and Guy-check at center.

2:17: The Bucs charged. The Bengals defense bent. After several successful runs by Williams and a major facemask, the Bengals pass defense (and bad passes by the Bucs QB), stood strong on the 25-yard line. The Bucs missed the field goal attempt and the Bengals have the ball. YES!

2:05: I bet some of you don't care about the T.J. vs. Fuhrman feud now, do you? Play upheld, the Bengals are up 7-0.

2:03: BENGALS TOUCHDOWN, 7-0. After T.J. picked up 7-yards on 3rd and 3, Palmer and Chad missed a connection and was almost picked off. Then Palmer, on quick pass, tossed to Chad for 12 yards (missed tackle by Bucs). Then Palmer threw deep to T.J. for a TOUCHDOWN. Play is being challenged.

1:56: Bengals still showed mad blitz on third down but fell back into coverage at the snap. The Bucs QB, still expecting blitz, quickly threw to Galloway. The pass was behind him; he wouldn't have made the first anyway. Punt.

1:52: After an 18-yard pass to Joey Galloway, Ahmad Brooks deflected a pass at the LOS (line of scrimmage). The Bucs QB over-threw a pass to Galloway creating a third down and 10. Bucs had to call timeout after the Bengals showed mad blitz.

1:47: Bengals go three-and-out again. After a double-foul replayed an incomplete pass to Chad Johnson, the Bengals were called for a delay of game. After that, the Bengals ran a WR screen to TJ for 9 yards, a quick pass to TJ to the right for one yard and an incomplete pass to Chad on third. Bengals punt. GO DOWN FIELD!!!!

1:39: On the interception return, the Bucs were called for a personal foul, "major" facemask putting them back to 3rd-and-34. The Bucs run up the middle for a few yards.(what? No 34-yard play in the playbook?). Bucs will punt. End of first

1:35: Interception reversed. Bucs have the ball again.

1:33: Tory James, on a pass by the Bucs QB, put his hand underneath a low pass and tipped it up in the air, while he was on the ground, and snagged the pass. The refs called it an INTERCEPTION, but it could be reversed. Play is under review.

1:24: Bengals go three-and-out. The Bucs defense is swarming to Rudi, especially the linebackers and secondary. On first, Rudi, on pitch left, lost two yards. On second, Rudi ran up the middle, lost and recovered the football, and lost another yard. On third, Palmer tossed to the left on a screen to Kenny Watson and gained eight yards. So far, Rudi has lost yardage on his last three carries. For the game, he's run four times for zero yards.

1:18: The Bucs gained two first downs (poor poor tackling). After a Geathers off-sides, the Bucs were called for holding putting them back to 1st and 15. After that, the QB passed five yards to Clayton and a double-dose of incomplete passes. Punt.

1:11: After Carson quickly passed an 8-yard pass to T.J., Rudi ran up the middle for four yards and a first down. A quick pass aborted by receivers that are double-covered, forced Palmer to dump off to Jeremi. After that, the Bucs defense changed their look at least twice forcing Palmer to adjust the call at the line twice. The play ended up being a run to the left for a one yard loss. Whitworth hit McFarland and then chipped off to the the linebacker level while Levi was occupied on the guy over him. McFarland was left free and dropped Rudi. On 3rd down, Palmer and Eric Steinbach botched the snap and the Bengals punt.

1:05: After Williams ran twice for eight yards, the Bucs throw incomplete for a three-and-out.

1:03: Bengals kickoff and Bucs go on offense first. Graham, touchdown. Nice. I believe that makes six for the season.

1:00: Getting ready for kickoff. Got my pizza, mountain dew and notebook at hand. Will the Bengals win? They'll need a big performance off their second team linebacker group and offense. Let's go team.