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Monday morning hangover - just the beginning

What a piss-poor performance Sunday (more later) by the Bengals and the refs.

Even Peter King noted: "... HORRENDOUS roughing-the-passer call in Tampa, giving the Bucs good field position as they drive, with a Toledo Rocket at quarterback, Bruce Gradkowski, to try to beat the hanging-on-for-dear-life Bengals at the Pirate Ship."

Then he reviews South Park like understanding and hearing about it for the first time.

f. I walked in on an episode of South Park one night last week. Perhaps the show's creators have gone slightly over the line. There was a graphic scene with a cartoon George Bush shooting some guy in the head. Now there's some quality American television. We ask why our kids have become desensitized to things like gun violence. Gee, I wonder why.

Yes, the South Park creators (or television as I think Peter tries to point out) are the reasons for gun violence. Whatever. Back to relevant stuff.

Lewis is upset at the Bengals offense inability to run the ball. But it was the officials the Bengals had to deal with.

Smith is ticked (and should be).

"That was the ballgame," Smith said. "There was no whistle call, nothing like that to stop the play. I didn't slam him (or) pick him up. He doubled over, went down and fumbled the ball."

The refs = horrible.