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What does losing Levi Jones mean?

During Marvin Lewis' Monday press conference, the head coach said that Levi Jones suffered a left knee injury which could require arthroscopic surgery. He's definitely out against Carolina Sunday and maybe Atlanta.

In 2003, Jones had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee on a Monday and still started, six days later, against the San Francisco 49ers. He was given studly status after that game.

With Jones out against Carolina, Marvin said of the offensive line, "We'll start how we finished Tampa Bay, with Eric Ghiaciuc at center and Andrew Whitworth replacing Levi at left tackle."

Yea, I'm feeling a tad bit concerned. Andrew Whitworth will start against Carolina's Mike Rucker -- 47.5 career sacks. I don't watch the Panthers much -- if you do, please comment -- but I hope the Panthers do not move their ends much. Julius Peppers has 48.5 sacks and is considered one of the league's best. Willie will take care of business there.

If Jones can't start in two weeks against Atlanta, Whitworth will have to take on John Abraham -- 56.5 career sacks.

Both upcoming games against good defensive ends will be a great test to see what we have with Whitworth. As it is, his test will tie into the Bengals success in the next couple of weeks.