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Chad "mad", Lewis spins (again) and Bratkowski

So this morning I loaded my coffee pot twice the recommended amount when I came across this headline at, "Bengals' mundane offense angers Johnson". Is he frustrated? Yea, he should be. Is he angry? Well, if he is, that's the first I've heard about it.

The exact same article had a separate headline at, "Bengals' Johnson wants bolder offense." The article is an Associated Press piece written by Joe Kay -- who covers the Bengals. The only difference is the sensationalized titles between the two publishers -- which is one reason you should always be weary of the mainstream media.

Paul Daugherty suggests it's "time to wake up." I agree, provided waking up isn't a foolish attempt to put our defense in impossible positions. I believe the defense is doing better than last season, but it almost feels like they walk on broken glass sometimes.

I've harped and annoyed the lack of 3rd down success is a primary reason we're in the middle of a two-game losing streak. Fact is, you don't convert third downs, you give the ball back to the other team. Third down conversions are inter-connected with time of possession. And there's no way we should expect our defense to be on the field for 35 minutes (against Tampa) and win. You have to convert third downs and sustain drives.

Steinbach's BUI (the boating one) charges will be dropped after completing diversion program. "Diversion" would more accurately define the 2006 season for Chris Henry and Odell Thurman; not Steinbach.

Marvin Lewis says of Chris Perry's return:

"I can't give you a time frame," head coach Marvin Lewis said about Perry's return to the 53-man roster. "It could be Sunday. It could be next Sunday. It could be the Sunday after that."

Marvin has a future as an elected official. When he addresses an issue, more times than not, you walk out of the press room more confused AFTER having your question "answered".

However, the good thing is Perry is back to practice. He could play this Sunday and he's excited about it.

When Carson Palmer and Marvin Lewis defend the offensive coordinator, it's a done deal right? Well, not with most fans who routinely call for his head. Consider for a moment, Brat called the plays for the 4th best offense last season (2nd in the AFC). Since he's been the OC, the Bengals have sent Willie Anderson, Chad Johnson and Rudi Johnson to Pro Bowls. Eric Steinbach and Levi Jones have been alternates and over half of the starting offense have received healthy contract extensions. This team is talented -- you wouldn't be in the NFL if you weren't -- but it's Brat's system that gels this offense together. Sure, the criticism against Brat is justified. But I don't think he's the problem. Actually if we can stop finding blame and just realize this season won't be the copycat image of last season we hoped for, I think we'll be ok.