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Bad Monday Morning Hangover

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I'll have my post-game report online later this afternoon. First, I wanted to go around the morning papers and see what everyone else is saying about our humiliating 38-13 loss Sunday.

Todd Jones

The Bengals were indeed terrible yesterday. Visions of the Ghosts of Cincinnati Past taunted the fast-exiting crowd while the grizzled and proud New England Patriots issued a woodshed smack-down in the game's final 22 minutes.

"We got whipped".

John Clay

The Bengals didn't win. They didn't come close. Instead, they stunk up PBS yesterday, routed 38-13 by the we're-still-here New England Patriots.

Bill Rabinowitz

The Bengals, in contrast, continually shot themselves in the foot on both sides of the ball. For the second game in a row, they tackled as if the opposing team had Vaseline on their jerseys. A week after giving up 170 yards on the ground to Pittsburgh, the Bengals allowed New England to average 5.8 yards per carry while racking up 236 rushing yards. Rookie Laurence Maroney (25 carries, 125 yards) shed three tacklers on a 25-yard touchdown run.
Somehow Gregg Doyel believes the Bengals getting dominated is what the Bengals deserve -- calling it justice for the players that have been arrested this season. Interesting (uh-hum, BS) way of making a conclusion, but.......