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I wonder...

  • ... if Chad Johnson is pouting, not because of his lack of production, rather because of the success his buddy Steve Smith is having considering similar circumstances. Having played one less game, Smith has seven receptions and 150 receiving yards more than Chad. All the while Smith, with the same focus opposing defenses have on Chad, is having a better season. Is this a source of Chad's frustration?
  • ... if Marvin Lewis learned to sideline his key players during blowouts. Yes, you're right. I'm looking at this from hindsight. Tab Perry -- kick return record holder for a season -- was lost for the season on the most meaningless play in the closing seconds of the game against Cleveland. His injury was meaningless.
  • ... if the Crips vs. the Bloods (i.e. University of Miami vs. Florida International) field battle helped the image of the Cincinnati Bengals. Obviously the focus will be back in Cincinnati if another gets in trouble with NFL circles. The point is: we're not such a bad group of guys the media paints us as.
  • ... if Rudi still thinks he can obtain his goal of 1,600 rushing yards this season. At his current pace (1,296 yards), he won't be close. Why is this? I wouldn't have a problem if you'd want to blame the play-calling. In the past three games, Rudi has only averaged 16.6 carries per game. That's a bit misleading because running the ball, while being blown out by the Patriots, will give you minimal gains. However, against Tampa Bay, the Bengals were either tied or leading until 0:35 left in the game. Rudi ran 17 times. I understand his success wasn't all that appealing (3 yards in the first half?). However, if you run, you kill the clock. Three more runs and likely those 35 seconds never exist. Yes, you're right. I'm looking at this in hindsight.
  • ... if anyone that reads this blog has actually called the "Jerk-line". Please, if you have, explain yourself.
  • ... if any of you watched the tremendous game seven last night between the Mets and Cards. It was good, no doubt. But the best game seven I've ever seen was in the 1991 World Series. Gene Larkin, in the bottom of the 10th, hit a pop-up to left (I think) and Dan Gladden hopped onto the plate as the Twins celebrated. Jack Morris, the Twins starting pitcher, pitched a 10-inning complete game. Greatest game seven I've ever seen.
  • ... if the following can be sent to Commissioner Roger Goodell:
Dear Roger,

We appreciate your efforts to expand beyond American borders giving soccer-loving fans the American version of futbol. The only thing I ask of you is to remain consistent. If you're going to hand down suspensions because the image of the NFL suffers from apples that bob in the wrong circles, then please explain exactly why we're heading to China next season. Because we've never done it before? I can think of thousands of things we've never done before -- doesn't make it a good thing. Will you hand out suspensions to Chinese officials after they place innocents inside political camps and murder droves of civilians because of protesting views? Again, I understand the ambition to expand; but China?

Somehow I don't think Roger thought this through and figured it was one thing to put on his legacy page at