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Friday morning coffee

The original thought, when the Bengals signed him, was that Sam Adams would bolster this defense. However injury and, most likely, age, has limited his impact this season. He's still being double teamed but the second-team linebackers that start on the defense just haven't been able to capitalize. Adams will have surgery after this season to repair a bum knee.

Ahmad Brooks made quite an impression after his 11-tackle (Hobson reports 14) performance against Tampa Bay. Ricky Hunley really likes Brooks and the production he brings.

The Bengals waived Quincy Wilson Thursday night to make room for Chris Perry. My initial reaction was "dag-gum-it". I thought highly of Wilson but it was obvious through the first five games the offense wasn't going to use him. So this was just a natural roster change.

Henry's trial has be delayed. I can see it; you're asking, well, which one???

The trial is on charges stemming from Henry's arrest June 3 for speeding and operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI).

Cincinnati Bell is running a cool promotion.

Cincinnati Bell said Wednesday that it will give its long-distance customers free calling privileges anywhere in the United States for three hours after every Cincinnati Bengals win this season, either at home or away.