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Chris Perry returning changes offense

So far this season, Bengals running back Kenny Watson has touched the ball, from the line of scrimmage, 14 times (7 rushes, 7 catches) for 107 yards. Through the first five games, Watson is averaging 2.8 touches per game. Chris Perry in 2005 averaged 7 touches (3.9 rushing, 3.1 receiving) per game for 40 yards. Will Chris Perry make that much of a contribution?

I say yes. Perry will most likely line up in the slot finding the mismatch against a linebacker at receiver. Watson mostly played on third downs and was primarily used as a blocking back - and likely will resume that role. Perry adds a point of focus for opposing defenses hopefully giving Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh some room to work with.

Note: Chris Henry returns next week and this offense, at the skills position, will be at 100%. (YES!)

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