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Sam Adams, Griffey Jr. and others own new AFL 2 team

Sam Adams, Ken Griffey Jr., Rudi Johnson, Tory James, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Reds team physician Dr. Timothy Kremchek are expected to round up the core ownership for the new AFL 2 team in Cincinnati -- begins this April.

AFL2 team names include the Steamrollers, Dorados, Vipers, Conquest, Dusters, and the Twisters. The team is still nameless, but I have an idea. The Cincinnati Beerchuggers. This region is notorious for drinking hard (as if we have better things to do) with an owner named Sam Adams. This only proves the natural marriage and the brilliant marketing this could provide.

A team with a beer belly quarterback and receiver and EVERYONE has goatees and yellow wristbands. Drink too much? Worry not; we have the nation's best sports doctor in the owners' booth. The team may not win much, but you can't argue the marketing genius here.

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