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Another reason ESPN is run by monkeys

I rarely comment on college football. On Saturday, less than two hours south of Columbus, I found that no channel was broadcasting tOSU vs. Indiana game; not on ABC or any of the ESPN Plus channels. So I went into research mode and found out it was on ESPNU. ESPNU? The channels on my cable box reach 1900 -- not one of them is ESPNU.

ESPNU vice president and general manager Burke Magnus responded to AP, "In this case, we think it's pretty justifiable which games ended up where. We're trying to serve a national audience. We understand the local furor, but the selection process is pretty standard."

Ummm, Burke "the monkey", how about changing your "pretty standard" selection process. When The Ohio State University -- and # 1 team in the nation -- can't even be seen in a majority of the STATE OF OHIO, then you're either the worst GM and/or Vice President (which one are you?) of all time or you're just down right mean. It's not like many people have or watch ESPNU.

ESPN -- and Burke -- reminds me of those CareerBuilder commercials like the one below:

Note: The guy giving the presentation represents us. Everyone else in the commercial represents the "powers" of ESPN