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The Week in Review

Someone asked me why I don't do game by game previews with grades, expectations and predictions. If you go anywhere that's Bengals related, you're relented with previews and expectations -- I think I'm the only football blogger in the world that doesn't write detailed previews. Why is this?

  1. I'm too biased and homer quickly becomes my nickname.
  2. I usually know just enough about the other team to spell their name out. I love football, but I don't have the NFL Network or the NFL Ticket to follow the non-super star players -- you know, the guys that usually make a difference in games.
  3. After further review, Nostradamus is NOT on my family tree like previously thought.
  4. I complain way too much.
But since everyone else does it, maybe I'm just behind the times. So here's my game preview and prediction. Bengals play well and win. There. I feel complete now.
  • The Bengals injury list continues to grow. First it was announced that Levi Jones will miss the game against Carolina and probably a game or two after that. Kelley Washington, with a severe hamstring injury, is also out. Then Tab Perry was placed on Injured Reserve. Dexter Jackson and Rashad Jeanty didn't practice (remember, if you don't practice, you don't play) this week and Jeanty was even downgraded to doubtful.
  • The good news is I saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. And that Chris Perry finally makes his season debut.
  • I updated the offense's and defense's DVOA numbers.
  • The receiver position is a mess right now.
  • The Primer against Carolina.