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Furman suspended for tagging T.J. a "racist".

700WLW's Andy Furman was recently suspended for calling T.J. Houshmandzadeh a "racist" after Fuhrman claimed T.J. had left a "racial epithet" on an undisclosed "station employee's voice mail". That voice mail has yet to be made public. Since last Thursday, Seg Dennison has covered Sports Talk. Everyone is quiet. The station and all the hosts. Even John Kiesewetter finds all this a bit odd.

The station were listeners can't tell if a personality is just on vacation - or has been "suspended" - isn't talking about this one. No mention of Furman on any show. No explanation as to why Furman hasn't hosted "SportsTalk" since last (Thursday). Not a word about why Furman was missing from "BengalsLine" Monday from Rick's Tavern. Nobody talking about why T.J. Houshmandzadeh has just vanished from the "Bengals Roundtable" show Thursday nights. No explanation why Bill Seg Dennison has been subbing since last Friday? Could it be permanent?

Or is it a ruse? Is Furman playing a "suspension" while he's on vacation keeping the interest of the show on high alert?

It doesn't sound like it though.

This Enquirer piece notes that "general manager Karrie Sudbrack said WLW-AM (700) managers were consulting with executives at Clear Channel headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, about Furman's situation."

I think it's interesting. If you listen to 700 WLW on a regular basis, then ask Bill Cunningham how he feels about gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland. Then ask Sudbrack if there's a difference between Furman and Cunningham. Cunningham said of Strickland: "After the (1998) election Ted Strickland flies off to the shores of Naples, Italy in order to enjoy a little fun with this 26-year-old boy toy." Interesting. If you radically tag racism to someone, you get suspended. But if you radically tag homosexuality, to a campaigning official, you get ratings through the roof.

I love Cincinnati.