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I wonder...

...if people really care about my view on subjects outside the Cincinnati Bengals. I tend to rant at times (hello, blog?) and talk about things other than the Bengals. For example, I think it's crazy that the NFL suspends a high-profile defensive player of the year candidate. Yet, baseball is filled with lawless Lou Ferrigno wanna-bes, as ESPN and Congress will have you believe. Is there a double-standard between the NFL and MLB in view of the mainstream media? But this is funny. His agent says, "He did not go into the back alley somewhere and put a needle in his butt for steroid." Obviously. Because being at home in the bathroom sticking needles in your body would be sooooo much better.

...what's going to happen with Chris Henry. Marvin Lewis said of Henry, "He gets an opportunity to come back and practice this week. He could be down. He could be on our team and be down." Ummmmm, alrighty then.

...if the phrase, "thank god for our defense" has ever been said before... ever. Personally, I tend to thank god for more relevant things than football. You know, like the hot chick at the bar drinking like a fish and doing her own rendition of Coyote Ugly. Anyway, since 1980, the Bengals have had the top-ten scoring defense twice (1983, 1989). This season? 11th.

...if the defense will get some props now. JD Arney at AOL SportsBlog says, "At some point people are going to have to start respecting the Bengals defense." I wouldn't say the Bengals defense has earned respect in the category of stopping people. They still give up their yards. But JD is right. They've caused 14 turnovers (tied 5th in league) and don't allow opposing offenses to score. Take out the 38 points against New England and the defense allows, on average, 15 points per game. That would push the Bengals scoring defense from 11th to 6th. No, I'm not going to take out the other scoring defenses worst game and re-rank the teams. That would be a lot of work for a very small point.

...if Panthers head coach John Fox is a bad liar or just thinks we're idiots.  He said, "We didn't really go away from" the running game. DeShaun Foster and Nick Going combined for 16 rushing attempts. The Panthers, for the season, were averaging 26 rush attempts before Sunday. Foster ran one time in the fourth and four times in the second half. No, you didn't abandon the running game; not at all.

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