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Does Cincinnati have a chance at flexible scheduling?

The "flexible scheduling" game has been determined for week 10 -- Giants vs. Bears. I really thought Cincinnati vs. Chargers had a good shot at moving to primetime. Nope. What about future games that could be moved...

  • Week 11: Looks promising with the Bengals going to New Orleans.
  • Week 12: Cincinnati plays Cleveland -- no one outside of Cleveland wants to see a Browns game. No one.
  • Week 13: Cincinnati hosts Baltimore on the NFL Network's Thursday night football -- Cincinnatians, don't worry. You'll see the Bengals on channel 5. Out of town? Perfect, come here.
  • Week 14: Against Oakland -- see Browns comment above.
  • Week 15: The Bengals play on Monday Night Football in Indianapolis.
  • Week 16: An "off-week" in terms of flexible scheduling (two Monday night games).
  • Week 17: I thought at the beginning of the season, this was a sure game to be moved to primetime. Cincinnati hosts the Steelers, on New Years Eve, possibly for AFC North supremacy. This would be perfect night for a party -- unless you're a cop or a janitor. But thanks to the Steelers kicking the bucket and playing "Operation" with Ben Roethlisberger, this looks more and more unlikely.
Whether the Bengals play or not, the flexible scheduling policy implemented by the NFL and NBC is awesome! No one expected this to happen with the money FOX and CBS put into broadcasting rights. But being able to see a great game on Sunday nights is something we've demanded for awhile now -- and got! Props to everyone that made this happen.