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Watching the Tribulation of Chris Henry

I won't recap his troubles -- you've seen and read about them ad nauseum. His troubles and consequence with the law will be resolved in time. The Chris Henry dog house has been occupied since the Bengals 28-20 win against the Steelers. Now that he returns to practice, there are questions that will be asked of him.

  1. What does "second chances" mean to him?
  2. Will he avoid the choices putting your NFL team at risk?
  3. Is now the time you turn a new chapter in life?
As a fan of the Bengals, I want him on the field Sundays. He creates too many dynamics on the field that stress out opposing defenses. As a person, I want him to realize the unique opportunity he has at a second chance -- something normal folk like us rarely see.

He's back at practice and will be a game-time decision. I'm suspecting Marvin Lewis will gauge similar questions above to fully understand the direction this kid will be headed. In coach's mind, it's either "with us" or "against us". In the end, if Henry goes against the grain of character demands in the NFL, he'll see there's no such thing as "third chance".

Now starts the tribulation of Chris Henry. Think he's up for it?