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Chad and the Bengals wide receivers

He's crazy -- Chad Johnson that is. There are a lot of reasons to like Chad. As a Bengals fan, obviously, we like him for his mad skills. He's genuinely a good guy that knows he's in a situation that can't be topped in life. And he's found a way to have fun in a league that's jokingly called the No Fun League. Chad is the man. Thankfully, he's back to talking. A quite Chad is a boring Chad. And consider, since he's been quiet, he's had a down season... coincidence?

Sticking to wide receivers, we have no idea what's going to happen with Chris Henry Sunday -- Marvin Lewis is doing his best Maverick impression. Will Lewis decide to suspend him for another game? Personally, I feel that is highly unlikely.

Ultimately, the injuries at receiver will force Lewis to play Henry or risk losing a game. Geoff Hobson points out the following:

3 GAMES WITH HENRY: 3-0, 85 points, 963 total yards, 600 passing yards, 54 first downs (36 passing).

3 GAMES W/O HENRY: 1-2, 43 points, 926 total yards, 690 passing yards, 53 first downs (34 passing).

If Washington and Chatman were healthy, I believe Lewis could suspend Henry one more game and get away with it. But we're hurting and need Henry just to run three wide receiver sets.

The concern at receiver prompted the team to bring in Peter Warrick. Note: the team works out a lot of players on Tuesdays -- we're only hearing about Warrick because of the sentiment he brings to fans and media. However, I'm not so sure the team will sign him. He's been out of a job since pre-season (that alone is telling) and he'd require a few weeks of conditioning and practice just to get into "football shape".