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Az-Zahir Hakim Available. Do we go after him?

As if spelling T.J. Houshmandzadeh isn't difficult enough, the Lions released Az-Zahir Hakim (copy and paste) Monday as told by Pride of Detroit.

Hakim has been an NFC junky with some recognition -- mostly from his Rams third fiddle days. He had career highs in receptions (53) and yards receiving (734) in 2000. Hakim has 316 career receptions, 4191 (if only he had one more yard, he would be destined for Cincinnati) yards receiving and 28 touchdowns. He's in his ninth season.

With a few unknowns -- like injury quickly hurting this team like the black plague -- and the fact the team is constantly working out players, do you believe the team should sign Az-Zahir Hakim (copy and paste)?