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The Bengals play three of the next four games on the road. Which is perfect because Cincinnati actually has a winning record away from Paul Brown Stadium (2-1). Let's look at the remaining schedule...

Baltimore - Apparently the Ravens are a really good running defense; ranked #1 in fact. However, since we hardly run, this doesn't affect us at all. Just so you don't have to look it up - god, I'm cool -- the Ravens are 16th against the pass.

San Diego - Shawn Merriman decided not to appeal his suspension -- which means he's a dirty cheating low down... wait, this isn't baseball.

New Orleans - Reggie Bush. What can you say? He's half a season into his rookie year and he feels he's being targeted - and he probably is. Obviously being a financially unhappy camper during pre-season, having enough television time to make Donald Trump jealous and making dramatically more money than established vets has nothing to do with it. No, not at all.

Cleveland - Another reason Cincinnati rules Cleveland. Romeo Crennel won his eight career game as a head coach Sunday in his second season. Marvin won eight in his first season. Cleveland rocks? Yeah, O.K.

Baltimore, again. - Brian Billick fired his "best friend" in Jim Fassel after he didn't like the way the offense was heading. Baltimore's offense reminds me of the cars that go backwards on the racer roller coaster at Kings Island (local reference).

Oakland - My prediction for this game. At least eleven Oakland players won't give a damn what happens in this game - ironically, all eleven are on offense. Bengals win, 38 to -2.

Indy - The Bengals travel to Indy on Monday night later in the season. Which means the unbearable Mike Tirico will detail all of the Bengals off-season troubles making it near impossible for Joe or Tony to get a word in. God, I detest Mike Tirico.

Denver - OK, I don't understand one thing about Denver. Jake Plummer has an insane winning percentage in Denver... and they want a rookie to take over? Whatever happened to the NFL where you earn your stripes?

Pittsburgh - Strong possibility we could be handing the Steelers their 10th defeat on the season. Kinda makes you giggle, doesn't it?