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Dinner with Dieu, this Monday

Today on Lance McAlister's Bengals show, his guests include Madieu Williams, Mark Curnutte and former Bengals great David Fulcher. The show starts at 3 p.m on 1530 at Willie's in Mason. However, I wanted to draw your attention to Madieu Williams who will host "Dinner With 'Dieu" -- a monthly charity event – Monday at 5 p.m.

Williams, born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, started the Madieu Williams Foundation that teaches "youth at an early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle". The charity work he does is tremendous and should be pointed out as much as his play on the field.

When Madieu's mother died, he became the legal guardian of his younger brother Mike. It's a great story of family. For all the troubled character issues we are labeled with, as told by the media, the Bengals get little recognition when they do something great off the field. The Bengals have a great foundation of charity and giving within the community. I will plan on making that point as the blog ages.

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