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Wednesday morning cup of coffee...

The Bengals AP writer, Joe Kay says, "Chad Johnson hasn't even bothered to check his 'Who Covered No. 85' list for the last three weeks. What's the point? The receiver's checklist has become irrelevant, just like his team."


Dexter Jackson, I believe, has a valid point questioning the heart of this team. I've said in the past I think this team has good talent. I've also said that this team has gone through multiple defensive schemes. Nothing seems to gel. So what's missing? I believe it's fire and heart. We don't have that guy that gets in people's faces and dances making a bone crushing hit at the line of scrimmage. How many guys do you see rally the guys on defense? Jackson has. Others?

I found this little tidbit interesting in the Post. Coach Marvin Lewis said, "We changed things up a little bit and put things back in Bob's hands a little bit more and took it out of the quarterback's hands." So, Carson Palmer has been given an assortment of plays to choose from and picked them. The Bengals offense struggles. Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski takes back most of the play calling and Palmer and Chad Johnson had career days and the Bengals had the best scoring offense all season. Hum... still think Bratkowski needs to be fired?

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