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Looking at injuries

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I was in my car when I heard Tom Gamble say that Bobbie Williams had an emergency appendectomy Thursday and I thought to myself, "We’re just not getting the breaks this year." Then I chuckled and thought, well, other than Rich Braham, we’re not getting the breaks this season.

It’s amazing to me the amount of injury this team is suffering. Yes, other NFL teams deal with injuries, but not this much. How many NFL teams have had more than one player undergo an emergency appendectomy? Look at this week’s injury report. We have three guys that are out for Sunday, three guys on questionable that haven’t practiced yet and six guys that will probably play, but are dealing with nagging injuries. We have ten guys on injury reserve and another serving a full season suspension for hypocritical reasons by the Commissioner’s office I don’t agree with.

Let’s look at players that have missed games this season and where they’re at.

Player Games Missed Condition
David Pollack 7 On IR. Neck.
Antonio Chatman 6 On IR. Sports Hernia
Tab Perry 7 On IR. Partial dislocation of the hip.
Bennie Brazell 9 On IR.
Greg Brooks 5 On IR. Knee.
Adam Kieft 9 On IR. Knee.
Anthony Mitchell 9 On IR. Foot.
Terrence Whitehead 9 On IR
Frostee Rucker 9 On IR. Shoulder
Rashad Bauman 9 On IR Knee
Odell Thurman 9 Suspended
Rich Braham 7 Out since week #2
A.J. Nicholson 7 Hamstring.
Chris Perry 5 Started on PUP
Levi Jones 5 Questionable/Out.
Kelley Washington 4 Out - Hamstring.
Rashad Jeanty 4 Foot.
Brian Simmons 3 Doubtful/Out.
Chris Henry 3 Suspended for conduct.
Anthony Wright 3 Appendectomy.
Dexter Jackson 3 Ankle
T.J. Houshmandzadeh 2 Heel.
Kevin Kaesviharn 2 Knee.
Bobbie Williams n/a 3? Appendectomy

Players in bold constitute expectation that the player would receive significant playing time going into the season.