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The Week in Review

I was at a bar Friday night hanging with some pals, with 90% of the patrons wearing scarlet Ohio State garb. There was a single Michigan wearing guy who was a little undersized sitting by himself playing the electronic trivia game at the end of the bar. It was like the guy released a flatulence (read: fart) at one end of the bar and everyone else scooted down as far as possible without sitting on top of each other. It's not like the guy wasn't a regular; he was. He spoke to the others in the bar on normal days but not today. God I love Ohio.

This has to be the biggest football game of the year. I'm talking NFL, college, Arena, Canadian, Arena II and Europe. When 2006 is finished, all leagues will be set aside as Michigan/tOSU is discussed ad nauseum. I love it. My one frustration is that the if either team loses, they’ll likely not play the national championship game. Why? If Michigan loses, they lost to the number one team in the nation. If Ohio State loses, they lost to the number two team in the nation. Other one loss teams can’t say they lost to either – they lost to number 10, number 12, etc.. My point is if you lose your first game on the last regular season game of the season to either number one or number two, you should get the rematch. I don’t care about Rutgers. Good story and all those happy colorful flowers. Yes, you’re right. I think it’s unfair to other teams that could get a chance. But tOSU and Michigan have been number one and number two for a long time this season. No other team has threatened either for those spots. Polls, computers and other non-playing measures will ultimately upset either Ohio or Michigan. Both teams deserve being noted as the two best teams in the nation and should be in the National Championship game… especially if it ends close.

Here’s my prediction: Ohio State wins, 34-3 and Columbus riots.

What do you get with a 60-year doing in-ring work with his shirt off? Rick Flair and Rocky Six.

The death of Bo Schembechler really sucks. I can’t say it any other way. Not only did college football lose a respected coach, but Ohio lost a respected rival. Woody Hayes and Bo were two of the biggest reasons why tOSU and Michigan rivalry became so huge. But Schembechler was also a coach at Miami University (that’s the Ohio version) and Ohio State. Schembechler was born and raised in Ohio. Michigan lost a great coach and Ohio lost another football legend that was an Ohioan.

Let’s review the week that was.

  • Injury is killing this team. Offensively, we've lost our third offensive lineman after Bobbie Williams underwent an appendectomy. He's expected to miss three games. Stacy Andrews will take his place and the high-octane Geoff Hobson pumped out an article on Andrews after he was declared the starting right guard. I like the excitement Andrews shows -- and the nervousness. He's getting a shot after years of "project" status work; and he knows this is his one shot at making it or breaking it. Personally, I'm very anxious to see a six foot, four inch, 340 pound guard.
  • We broke down the injuries and the games missed. Here's the week's injury reports.
  • Remember the hit on T.J. Houshmandzadeh by head-hunter Marlon McCree? Well, T.J. kinda does. T.J. said ""He [McCree] be in LA though, I'm a holla at him when he got out in LA. He better have a good reason 'cause I'm a have a good reason to whoop his ass". Chad confronted McCree right after the hit and Johnson said McCree immediately apologized and agreed it was uncalled for. After refiring all cylinders in his brain after thinking he was Aragon confronting Saromon at Mount Doom, he forgave McCree and admitted it wasn't the hit, but a knee that rattled his head immediately after the hit. "He was just trying to make a play on the ball," Houshmandzadeh said. "He got there a little too soon. It wasn't actually his hit that hurt me. It was the fact that the linebacker was coming so fast. He tried to jump over me but as he jumped, he kneed me in the head. It was just one of those split-second type of accidents, basically."
  • We scouted the Saints. Here's the primer.
  • Is heart on this defense lacking? Dexter Jackson thinks so.
  • I wondered against San Diego. Great comments by you guys.