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What's spanish for "NFL is humorless?"

When the NFL denied Peyton Manning's request to wear black high-top shoes in honor of Johnny Unitas shortly after his death, it made wonder: "where's the harm?" The NFL threatened a $25,000 fine if Manning went through with it. Petty.

Reggie Bush was fined $10,000 for wearing Adidas rather than Nike or Reebok. To which, Bush said "Adidas took care of it." Nike and Reebok must be paying a pretty penny to completely shutout Adidas from any NFL action. Greedy.

Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis, last season, were fined for "violation of the NFL's uniform code" for socks that included one more stripe than the "uniform" socks. It's a sock.

We could go on about the petty crap players get fined for in violation of the NFL's uniform code.

Before Sunday's game, Chad Johnson warmed up with "Ocho Cinco" on his uniform. Notice the dorks that correct us with ochenta cinco or whatever it is? Freaking dorks. Johnson was on the sidelines right before kickoff when Carson Palmer ran over and ripped off the Velcro held name tag revealing C.Johnson.

There you have it. The game doesn't even have to start before the NFL fine machine starts ticking.

Someone should walk up to him and ask him what's five grand in Spanish. It's cinco mil d?lares... I think.

Chad Johnson to cough up $5K for 'Ocho Cinco' stunt [ESPN]