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Monday morning's not-so-hungover post

The last time the Bengals allowed a 500-yard passer was Phil Simms when he threw for 513 yards in a Bengals 35-30 win. So basically we learned if the Bengals allow 500 yards passing or more, their likeliness of winning goes up.

Scott Fujita is the type of guy you wouldn't want dating your daughter -- especially after losing.

On the defensive performance:
"I’m very disappointed. This is one of those games where you look at the film tomorrow and see what happened. I’m pretty frustrated and pretty pissed off. You got to get back to work and see what happens."

On if some of the breakdowns on big plays were mental or physical:
"Looking at the film, we’ll find out tomorrow. Right now I’m too pissed off about everything else to be worried about anything like that. I just want to get on the film and get back to work. That is the best way to cure this frustration I have right now."

Read Fred Thomas' quotes after the game and count how many times he says "plays".
"I’m out there on an island. I’m here for a reason. I’m here to make plays (1). I’m one of my own worst critics and I don’t need anybody to kick me in the butt. The guy (Carson Palmer) makes plays (2). The quarterback threw the ball where he needed to put it and he made plays (3). He came out and had a heck of a day and he made those plays (4). I didn’t make plays (5) today. It’s truly one of the worst games of my career. I’m an older guy. I've got to put that behind me and make plays (6)."

Sesame Streets' The Count: :"Six, I count six times he said 'plays'. Ah, Ah, Ah."

What did I learn this weekend? Well, I realized our defense could sit on the sidelines and watch until the opposing offense reaches the red-zone. This is how I see the team meeting before the game led by Chuck Bresnahan. "OK guys, our game plan is to let Brees throw for over 500 yards. But it will be deceptive success. If we give them all day to pass and run coverage zones that are wide open, they'll never suspect Kevin Kaesviharn and Ethan Kilmer. This plan is so flawless, it has to work!" Guess what? It worked!

Cincinnati came into Sunday having scored touchdowns in 10 of their 11 "goal-to-go" situations. Sunday, they converted one of two. On the first goal to go, the Bengals ran Rudi two times setting up a 3rd-and-goal at the Saints three-yard line. That was when Bob Bratkowski called the perfect play: Quarterback Sneak! After not gaining an inch, Randy Cross said, Carson might "go back to calling his own plays". The second of two goal-to-go situations started after Chad Johnson split a safety and cornerback down the left hashmark for a 48-yard gain. He would have scored if he kept his balance. On the next play, first-and-goal at the New Orleans' 4-yard line, Johnson lined up left and ran a quick slant for the touchdown.

Coming into Sunday, Rudi Johnson averaged 68.3 yards per game rushing on the road. And if you take out the 96 yards against Kansas City, it lowers to 59. After rushing for 111 yards, Rudi's average on the road jumped to 76.8.

Ethan Kilmer got playing time for the first time in his young career Sunday on defense. After playing only one quarter, he has as many interceptions as Tory James and Deltha O'Neal. Kilmer has more picks than Keiwan Ratliff and Johnathan Joseph combined and scored the first defensive touchdown on the season.

RECORD BREAKDOWN: Sunday's 31-16 win broke a three game losing streak. After the win, the Bengals are 2-5 after starting the season 3-0. Including the 31-17 loss to Pittsburgh in the playoffs, the Bengals have only won five of their last 13 and are 12-11 since starting 2005 4-0.

WHAT'S NEXT: The Bengals will head to Cleveland Sunday playing their final divisional away game. They won at Pittsburgh earlier this season 28-20 and lost at Baltimore 26-20.

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