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Bengals now sport the worst defense

It's official. The Bengals are now rated as the worst defense in the NFL. It took until week 11, but we got it done. After four seasons, Marvin Lewis' defense is worst than Tennessee, Houston, St. Louis, Arizona and Detroit giving up 377.6 yards per game. Yards don't matter, right? I still believe that yards are pretty irreverent if the other teams don't score. The Bengals allow 23.3 points per game -- 25th in the NFL. What's worse is that Deltha O'Neal, Dexter Jackson and Keiwan Ratliff are questionable this week and the Bengals are allowing 254.4 yards passing per game – 13 yards more than 31st.

Here's a not-so top-five.

1. New York Giants If there was a team I wouldn't want to play for, it's the Giants. I like Jeremy Shockey's fire but Plaxico Burress keeps looking like a sad puppy after his lack of effort hurts the team. He's quickly becoming the little Randy Moss. How awful was Eli?
2. MNF The broadcast booth for Monday Night Football just isn't working for me. I despise Mike Tirico and Joe Theisman, as much as he may try, comes off like a bumbling fool that changes his opinion quicker than John Kerry. Yes, Kornheiser challenges Theisman trying to get him to clarify his position. My problem with that tact is that Joe isn't all that bright. He knows only football (some would even argue that!). But Kornheiser seems to intentionally embarrass him. So much for booth chemistry.
3. O.J. Simpson At least he got to keep his $3 million advance.
4. Randy Moss Didn't catch one pass and is now starting to publicly "think" trade. "Captain o' captain". Hasn't anyone on the team ripped off his "C" yet?
5. NFL Network Either Time Warner or the NFL Network needs to get off their high horse and provide the network to the nation's largest cable subscriber. On the other hand, I support Time Warner on one thing. If the NFL Network will dictate high prices for their games, I fear one day we'll be paying via pay per view, in the future anyway. The NFL will do their best to provide coverage the highest bidder crushing those that have no means to pay for these costs.

Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio looked sharp this weekend wearing Reebox blazers. However, I thought it was a little much. They looked out of place. Wear a trench coach with a hat. That was part of the mystique the old coaches had. Can you imagine Marvin Lewis wearing a blazer? Marvin would be the class of the field as the best dressed head coach. Or he'd be a pimp -- with Chad's help.


...if you've ever listened to WLW's Bengals Line show on Monday night.
If you haven't, head coach Marvin Lewis calls in and chit-chats with the guys. Either he breathes really loud or has the phone up to his mouth because he sounds like Darth Vader after sprinting around the Death Star for 20 minutes.

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