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Week in review...

When I look at the college football schedule this Saturday, I get a little bummed out; there’s no Ohio State football on. In fact, the Buckeyes don’t take the field for another month and a half.  But this weekend looks like a total snooze-fest. Other than USC playing Notre Dame, there isn’t a game that grips you as being interesting. But that USC/Notre Dame looks like a doozy, doesn’t it? If USC wins, most say they’re playing the Buckeyes. Florida, Michigan and Notre Dame are still in the running, but a Trojans win will likely shut everyone else out. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a Trojans/Buckeyes game.

When was the last time the Buckeyes played the Trojans? It was the Rose Bowl in 1974; the Trojans won 18-17. Twice have the Buckeyes been ranked number one when playing the Trojans; the Buckeyes won both. And once in 1968 were the Buckeyes and Trojans ranked #1 and #2 respectively; the Buckeyes won. Here's the breakdown.

Date Score OSU/USC Rank
Jan 1st, 1974 * L 18-17 3 / 5
Jan 1st, 1972 * L 42-17 3 / 1
Jan 1st, 1968 * W 27-16 1 / 2
Oct. 19th, 1963 L 32-3 4th / n/r
Jan. 1st, 1954 * W 20-7 1 / 17
Oct. 11th, 1947 L 32-0 n/r / 20
Oct. 5th, 1946 W 21-0 neither ranked
Oct. 4th, 1941 W 33-0 neither ranked
Oct. 9th, 1937 L 13-12 neither ranked
  4 - 5  

* Rose Bowl. n/r = not ranked. Source: Official Site of Ohio State Athletics.

It’ll be interesting to see a Southern Cal against Ohio State match-up. But what's the Buckeyes history in the Fiesta Bowl?

Season Opponent Result
2005 Notre Dame W: 34-20
2003 Kansas State W: 35-29
2002 Miami, Fla. W 31-24
1983 Pittsburgh W: 28-23
1980 Penn State L: 31-19

OK, enough Buckeyes talk. Time to review the week that was.

Primer against Cleveland II.

Carson Palmer won the FedEx Air player of the week award.

Updates are "questionable" regarding Chad Johnson's hamstring. He's blowing off reporters and Marvin Lewis says "we'll see" regarding his status. We asked the question earlier this week, are injury reports irrelevant to fans?

We examined an updated list of available wide receivers after Kelley Washington was upgraded from OUT to QUESTIONABLE. We also discussed why we're so spoiled on tight ends in our franchises' history.

The Bengals playoff picture is anything but clear.

We examined the great play of the offensive line against New Orleans.

The Bengals are now officially the worst defense in the NFL.

We talked about the NFL Network vs. Time Warner and followed that up with hangover talk.

The best part was I wasn't hungover Monday Morning.