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Gameday: Bengals at Browns

Game: Browns vs. Bengals
Location: AT Cleveland
When: Sunday, November 26th, 2006 at 1 p.m.
Broadcast: CBS with Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon. Sirius: 130 (Cin.), 119 (Cle.).

PERSONNEL: Brian Simmons and Deltha O'Neal are out. Dexter Jackson is back. Johnathan Joseph will start for O'Neal and Caleb Miller will start for Simmons. Also out are Rich Braham and Levi Jones. indicates both could be back next week. Kelley Washington and Bobbie Williams are also out. It's hoped that Bobbie Williams will only miss one more game and return December 10th. A.J. Nicholson is inactive but no one can ever figure out why. Mark Curnutte lists the following Browns as out: Justin Hamilton (DB), Leigh Bodden (DB), Isaac Sowells (OL), Fred Matua (OL), Nat Dorsey (OL), Travis Wilson (WR), David McMillian (LB).

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3:54: Bengals pitch their first shutout in 17 years winning 30-0. Great job defense, offense and special teams. Bengals WIN!

3:49: Browns go three-and-out and are punting. This means the Bengals ARE two minutes away from pitching their first shutout since I was 11 years old! That's 17 years. Not too bad by the last place defense.

3:46: BEAUTY by Kyle Larson. Kicks a 60 yard punt. When the ball hit the ground at the one yard line, it rolled sideways. Kilmer came in and insisted the ball remain in the field of play. Nice.

3:42: Jags have 3rd-and-15 at the Buffalo's 24. All the skill starters are out today. Kooistra is the only backup lineman in right now for Willie Anderson. The Bills fans must be going crazy. A second false start was called putting the Jags back to third-and-20. Then Garrard dumped off a 6 yards pass to Drew. OK, it's fourth-and-14 and Garrard scrambled up the middle for 16 yards. CRAP!

3:37: Alright, Reggie McNeal, Anthony Wright and Glenn Holt are coming out. We're now seeing our backups coming in....

3:36: Geathers just sacked Frye for his eighth of the season. Browns punt.

3:34: The Jags offense is at the Buffalo 31 at the two minute warning still down 24-17.

3:33: Scott Kooistra is now in for Willie Anderson. We're still going at it. On third-and-13, Palmer dropped back with four wide receivers.

3:32: AJackson729 made the point that this game is basically over prompting the question with the short week (play this Thursday), why not rest the starters now? But now I'm more concerned about injuries too.

3:30: Now the radio guys are questioning why the starters are in. I have to agree. Why the hell are our starters in? Didn't Marvin Lewis and company learn about risking injury to your starters during irrelevant moments in games? Should I remind him of Tab Perry who's out for the season against the same Browns?

3:29: There's about five minutes left in the Jags game with the Bills leading 24-17. The Jags just punted the football.

3:27: Then on 3rd and 31, the Browns run a draw and they cough up the football. Bengals have the ball. That's the fourth takeaway on the day with a +3 turnover ratio. I got a feeling Winslow and Edwards will be giving the media wonderful sound bytes.

3:25: Well the Bengals defense just had back-to-back sacks -- Caleb Miller and Kevin K. That makes five interceptions and three sacks by Kevin K.

3:23: The last shutout by the Bengals defense? December 3rd, 1989... 21-0 against the Browns. The radio guys are now talking about the weather.

3:17: The radio guys are talking about people throwing beers off the top onto fans in the lower decks. Wow. Not only have the players lost composure but so have some of the fans. At least that's what's being broadcasted. It's not like I'm there or anything... just the messenger.

3:14: Palmer dropped back and threw it after his third step to his right to Chris Henry for a touchdown! The receiver just jumped over the cornerback and brought down the pass. What's amazing was his feet control. Nice. Bengals lead 30-0 and Shayne Graham has started a new streak of PATs -- one.

3:13: Jacksonville scored another field goal and are down 24-17. They have the ball back.

3:09: There looks to be frustration on the Browns sidelines. Who can blame them. I'd be frustrated too. Then Charlie Frye and Braylon Edwards were just separated. Wow. Talk about total loss of composure.

3:07: TORY JAMES PICKS OFF THE PASS. Almost like the same play. Frye threw to his left to Joe J. and Frye threw it behind the receiver and over his head. James just picked off the poorly thrown pass. HAH. James. I swear. He pisses me off so much at times but NOT today.

3:05: Browns picked the ball. On the play, Palmer dropped back and threw to his right where Chad was running a fade route. Problem is, if Chad touched the defender the Browns would have been down at the one. Instead he didn't and Russell picked up another six yards. The pass was an attempt to put a dagger in the Browns.

3:03: Well, there's the required end-around the Bengals run each week. Chad picked up six yards. Then on second-and-four, Rudi picked up seven yards. On first down, the Bengals ran pitch left with Rudi and he was stuffed. It seems like when the Bengals use those stretch style runs, the Browns defenders are able to get through the gaps.

3:01: TORY JAMES PICKS OFF THE PASS. Just a horrible throw. Frye tried to pass to Edwards who was running a fade route. Tory James was behind Edwards about a good two yards. James could have called a fair catch on that one. Nice. Bengals have the ball.

3:00: I LOVE Roscoe Parrish. Parrish converted an 82-yard punt return for touchdown. The Bills are winning 24-14. I really think the Jaguars are good, but they are the most inconsistent football team in NFL history.

2:59: That was the quickest three-and-out by the Bengals defense this year.

2:56: Little Ben is now 7/15 for 62 yards..

2:55: After a holding call put the Browns back to second-and-19, Frye completed a pass to Heiden. Funny thing is that both Jackson and Joseph tried to take out Heiden's legs rather than wrapping up. OK, there's a big size difference, but what does it matter? He leaped both of them anyway. Then after an incomplete to Northcutt on third-and-11, the Browns went for it on fourth down. As most bad offenses do on fourth down, Frye threw a short pass to Winslow. Browns turnover on downs and the Bengals have the ball.

2:52: Here's a question for ya. Why is it that everyone continues to make excuses for Michael Vick? Jason Whitlock, I know, I dislike him too, made a great point earlier in the week. The facts are he may be special, but the guy is NOT a winner.

2:49: Our linebackers are playing great today. Landon Johnson is making sure tackles and Caleb Miller is sticking people. Miller has been a mild surprise since taking over at the middle. However, Tory James SUCKS! Well, not really. I just don't trust him... at all. James was trying to tackle Edwards for about 10 yards.

2:46: Still no word on Chris Perry. Steelers on the opening second-half drive, went three-and-out. I know, I'm giggling too.

2:43: CARSON PALMER = FREAKING AWESOME. Palmer fakes and rolls out right. With McGinest in his face, Palmer was trotting backwards when he unleashed a pass better than god to T.J. Really, I can't explain how awesome that pass was. T.J. was towards the back of the end-zone and there were three Browns defenders IN FRONT of T.J. You'll have to watch the highlights on that one to fully understand how awesome that play was. On the PAT, Kyle Larson pulled down the high snap causing Graham to stop on his approach. The PAT was blocked stopping Graham's streak of 186 straight PATs made. Bengals lead 23-0. NICE!

2:42: Palmer dropped back and threw it to Chad Johnson. Johnson was on the right and ran a quick slant route. The cornerback either let him have it or was so terrified of Chad beating him deep, that no one was on Cinco for a 14 yard gain. Chad has 102 yards receiving now. If he picks up another 60 yards, he'll have the record for the most yards in a three-game span.

2:40: After Rudi gained a boring one yard up the middle, Palmer drops back and throws to T.J. who ran to the first down marker and picked up a first down. Rudi is having trouble finding room to run since the first drive.

2:37: The Bengals are coming out running the ball -- twice for three yards. On third-and-seven, Palmer drops back and throws a beautiful pass to Chad Johnson. CJ was on the left and ran a nice fade route for 24 yards.


At the half, Palmer is 16/20 for 175 yards and a touchdown. Rudi has 40 yards rushing on 14 attempts. Chad Johnson, after being shutout in the first quarter, has 64 yards receiving on three receptions. T.J and Henry each have four receptions and the Bengals tight ends have combined for four catches. The Browns offense has done nothing. Frye has 106 yards on eight of 14 passing. Wright and Droughns are a combined 16 yards rushing on five attempts. The Bengals are dominating total yards: 225-117. If you take away the 43-yard reception by Northcutt, the Browns have 74 total yards. Nice job Bengals defense.

2:22: Frye drops back, rolls out right and throws a hail mary. KK picked the pass about two yards shy of being inside the end-zone. First half is over. Bengals leading, convincingly 17-0.

2:20: The Browns just completed a 21-yard pass to Winslow. There's six seconds left at the Cleveland 48 with no timeouts left. This will likely be a hail mary.

2:19: The Steelers suck.

2:18: OK, there's 35 seconds left in the first half. Frye sets back and releases to someone short. Robinson drove him to the ground. Incomplete. Then Frye drops back and throws over the middle to Northcutt who jumped in the air for the catch. Robinson again BLEW UP Frye on the pass.

2:16: It's half-time between the Jaguars and Bills. Bills still leading 17-14.

2:15: After T.J. went two yards short of the first down marker failing to convert the first down, Shayne Graham kicked a short field goal to put the Bengals up 17-0.

2:14: Bengals call a timeout after picking up five yards to T.J. and another four yards to Reggie Kelly. If the Bengals go up 21-0, will you be content that the Bengals could win? Or did the disastrous second half against the Chargers make you realize, there's no lead safe. Ever.

2:11: Look at the drive results for the sucky Steelers: Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt. Little Ben is 5/10 for 40 yards and Parker has rushed for 15 yards on six carries. McNair is 12/13 for 119 yards and a touchdown. Jamal Lewis has 61 yards on 13 carries. The sucky Steelers are letting the Ravens march down the field on them again.

2:10: NICE CATCH, CHAD JOHNSON. Carson Palmer dropped back and Chad, from the left side, ran a deep post and blew away #39 after the corner on Chad blitzed. It was a 43-yard pickup. Then Palmer is called for a Delay of Game. Two minute warning. BEAUTY PITCH AND CATCH.

2:08: This time Eric G. got the Browns off-sides and snapped. So far, the center is one for two.

2:07: After Frye scrambled around -- Bryan Robinson missed a sack -- for three yards, Frye dumped it off to Northcutt who ran a quick comeback route. Right as Northcutt made the reception, Landon Johnson slammed the receiver for only a four yard gain. Then on third down, Frye and Jurevicius missed a connection. THEN THE DEFENSE HOLDS. Dawson missed a 48 yard field goal to the left.

2:05: Frye dropped back and threw to a streaking Northcutt on the right. Joseph was on Northcutt and never caught up. It was a 43-yard pickup.

2:04: Well, Larson, from the Cleveland 43 yard line, smoked a punt well into the end-zone. Why kick it inside the ten when you can boot it past Toledo.

2:03: Third-and-eight, Palmer drops back and couldn't find anyone. He ran up the line of scrimmage and Willie McGinest spun Palmer down to the ground. Bengals punt.

1:59: After a beautiful 14 yard screen pass to Kenny Watson (seriously, how many screen passes do we run well?), Palmer goes to Johnson on the left who ran a quick hook route. Then Rudi ran up the middle for nothing. On third down, Palmer handed off to Rudi for a two-yard pick up and first down. However, when they measured after the second-down, the refs took the chains back and Chad Johnson tripped over the chains. Very funny.

1:57: Chris Perry was taken off the cart. Right ankle problem? The defender bringing him down from behind, rolled up on Perry's leg. Jesus. These guys keep knocking our stars out.

1:56: The Ravens scored a touchdown against the sucky Steelers.

1:55: Oh man. On the second play of the drive, Chris Perry ran left, spun and gained a first down. Perry got RIPPED on the play and is on the ground hurt.

AJackson729 Says: "The Bills lead the Jags 10-7. If we can catch up to Jacksonville then the only team we'll be behind will be KC who are only 1 game ahead and we own the tiebreaker against them." Also, Pittsburgh is still sucking against Baltimore down 7-0. The Ravens are threatening to score.

1:52: Landon Johnson is playing like a man today. After the Browns gained nothing on first down, Cleveland set up with a five-wide set and Johnson rushed. After not finding anyone, Frye stepped up and started to run. Johnson came up from behind and buried the QB. Then on third-and-ten, Frye throws to the right on a fade route to Cripps. The receiver had to dive to catch it but didn't. Browns go three-and-out and punt.

1:48: The Bengals have gained 130 yard to the Browns 30 with 12:02 left in the second quarter.

1:46: The Bengals have converted four of five third downs -- one by interference. Palmer is 10/13 for 96 yards and a touchdown. Henry has four receptions for 34 yards, a touchdown and a returned personal foul.

1:44: BENGALS TOUCHDOWN! Henry, on the left, ran a wheel-like route and fade. Palmer threw to the back left pylon and Henry caught the over-the-shoulder catch and the Bengals lead 14-0.

1:42: PASS INTERFERENCE! On third and seven, Chad on the right, ran in, up and then out. The Browns defender bumped him about a full second before the pass got there. A 36 yard penalty. Bengals are in the red-zone.

1:40: FINALLY. Chad, on the left, runs up and then in and picks up 12 yards.

1:38: That's the end of the first quarter. Palmer is 8/10 for 77 yards. Rudi has six rushes for 30 yards and a touchdown. Chad is still without a catch.

1:34: BEAUTIFUL throw. Palmer drops back with four receivers going into routes and Rudi going into the flats to the left. Palmer throws a fast ball just over the reach of the linebackers to T.J. in an open area no bigger than five yards from Browns defenders. Then Palmer completes two passes to Chris Henry for first down. THEN HENRY GETS FLAGGED FOR PUSHING A BROWNS DEFENDER. It's a personal foul, unnecessary roughness. Wow. This guy never shocks me. Retard.

1:32: GREAT PLAY. The Browns were stuck with a third and one and decided to run. Landon Johnson BLEW up the lead blocker and Sam Adams disrupted the Browns line. Jeanty finished off Wright. Browns PUNT. Winslow feeling tears coming on. :)

1:30: After running twice for six yards, the Browns had third down. On the third-down play, Frye dropped back and found Winslow -- NO ONE WAS AROUND HIM. Browns picked up eight and a first down.

1:27: Holy Crap. Shayne Graham just kicked the ball out of the end-zone. JESUS!

1:25: The Bengals went 14 plays for 69 yards in 5:53. Very nice drive to start the game. Rudi, whenever he ran left, got mad yards. Palmer is finding guys quickly -- especially his tight ends who caught three passes for 28 yards on the drive. Reggie Kelly made some serious acrobatic catches diving for one reception and stretching out on third down to convert.

1:24: Ruling on the field stands. BENGALS TOUCHDOWN. We lead 7-0.

1:23: Ravens are beating the Steelers, 7-0 after Todd Heap caught a 20-yard pass from McNair. God the Steelers suck.

1:20: The Bengals went for it bringing in more offensive linemen as tight-ends. Total goalline formation. TOUCHDOWN. Eric Steinbach pulled left to right and Rudi followed -- Power O. There was a small enough hole for Rudi to fall in. It was very close though and the Browns are challenging. It was close, but I don't see how they could overturn it. It's not very clear-cut.

1:17: First and Goal at the five-yard line, Palmer dropped back and looked right to Jeremi Johnson. The pass was way too high for our fullback and the ball went incomplete. On second, Rudi went up the middle and cut back left but hit a wall -- no gain. On third-down Palmer dropped back and found Tony Stewart on the right side who failed to get in the end-zone by inches. Bengals call a timeout. I think they're going for it.

1:15: After throwing an incomplete, Palmer dropped back on second down and ripped a nine yard pass to the right to Chris Henry. Henry ran about 10 yards up and then ran towards the sidelines on a hook-like route. Third-and-one, Palmer took the snap and dove for the first down. Then, on first down, Palmer got the snap and moved up in the pocket and threw a pass to Kelly who made a nice diving tackle. 1st-and-goal at the five-yard line.

1:14: WOW! Nice play by Reggie Kelly. At the snap, Palmer dropped back, looked right and then fired left to Kelly running in the flats. He caught the pass and was up-eneded by the defender. Kelly stretched the ball out as far as he could and gained the first down.

1:13: So far, Rudi has run three times to the left for 24 yards.

1:11: OK, how nice is it when our center catches the defensive lineman off-sides and snaps the ball. Well, Eric G. (center) thought the Browns were off-sides and snapped it. Palmer got the ball and went to a knee. This is very typical with the Bengals offense. However, no Browns were off-sides. So basically the Bengals lost a down and a yard. Then as the Bengals walked up to the line, a very ticked off Palmer, who mouthed some naughty words, called a time out.

1:09: On the first play of the Bengals offensive possession, Palmer dropped back and found T.J. who ran about five yards up and then one of his patented zig-zag routes. Then on the next two plays, Rudi Johnson runs for 7 and 12 yards. The offensive line is already creating massive holes. Rudi will have a big day.

1:06: Holy Crap. Ratliff gained more than five yards on a punt return.

1:06: On third down, Frye drops back and Landon Johnson blitzed. He came around the corner and hit Frye with Justin Smith on the quarterback's legs. The ball came out and the Browns recovered. Browns punt. SWEET PLAY

1:04: Bengals have the Browns in a 3rd-and-6 and Kellen Winslow catches the pass for a nine-yard gain. Bengals defense can't get off the field. Then on second-and-seven, Winslow runs a streak down the field and Johnathan Joseph slapped the ball to the ground. Nice play.

1:01: First play of the game? 101-Yard kickoff return for touchdown by Cribbs. Holding on Cleveland brings it back. Ha! (drying sweat off forehead).

1:00: Kickoff is close.

"Steve McNair, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger, Charlie Frye. It's like that SAT test where you pick out 'whats wrong' with this picture." - WhoDeySith

12:46:'s Madden preview says the Bengals will win 28-10. In the game the Bengals ran 28 times and passed 26 times. Hah. Yea, the Bengals running more than passing. We know THAT'S realistic.