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The results of Cleveland’s offense went like this: punt, punt, punt, missed field goal, interception, downs, interception, interception, fumble, punt and interception.

The number is 73. That’s my old jersey number in high school. That’s also the percentage of times the Browns offense either went three-and-out or turned the ball over (8/11).

It was "probably" over when…
Rudi Johnson scored a one-yard touchdown on fourth-and-goal. No points were needed after that.

It was sealed when…
The Bengals had the ball to open the second half. They went 10 plays for 65 yards to score their third touchdown.

By the numbers
2 – Interceptions by Kevin Kaesviharn and Tory James… each.
3 – Amount of Bengals possessions that lasted 10 plays or more.
4 – Sacks by the Bengals defense (Miller, Landon Johnson, Robert Geathers, and Kaesviharn).
5 – Drives that lasted four minutes or more by the Bengals offense.
9 – Total first downs by the Browns offense.
10 – Total tackles by Caleb Miller.
22 – Average starting position by the Browns offense.
22 – Tackles by the Bengals starting linebackers (Miller 10, Landon 6, and Jeanty 6).
24 – Total first downs by the Bengals offense
39 – Average starting position by the Bengals offense.

I wonder…

Is Braylon Edwards auditioning for the Terrell Owens award?

When the Browns continued to struggle, CBS continually focused on Edwards’ dissatisfaction about the Browns offense. I blame the media for this. Yes, it was horrible professionalism by Edwards to grab Charlie Frye by the jersey and he’ll get tore down by the national media because of it. But I tire of the continued focus on troubles within teams that take more precedence than, for example, the Bengals first shutout in 17 years.

Is Kevin Kaesviharn becoming the best player in the Bengals’ secondary?

Last week he sacked Drew Brees twice on third down forcing punts. K.K. intercepted a pass that prevented a would-be touchdown to close out the first half. This week, he picked off a pass on a Hail Mary as the first half ended and on the Browns final play of the game. He also had a sack against Cleveland.
Kaesviharn missed two games earlier this month against Baltimore and San Diego – the Bengals lost both. Since his return, he has 12 tackles, three interceptions and three sacks. I don’t know about you, but Kaesviharn has become a stud making plays in clutch situations. And the Bengals are undefeated since his return. Coincidence?

Did Chad Johnson really have his worst game in the past three on Sunday?

I think it’s a bit funny that Chad Johnson had seven receptions for 123 yards and it’s considered to be his worst outing in his past three games.  During the past three games, Chad has 24 receptions, 573 yards receiving and five touchdowns. He didn’t score Sunday which means his play was clearly down on Sunday.

If the Bengals rush defense can keep contain.
No one has ever argued that the Bengals rush defense was shutdown. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest reasons for cancer rates doubling in Cincinnati because casual smokers turn to chain smokers.  The Bengals rush defense was shutdown on Sunday allowing only 51 yards on 14 carries.

You have to go all the way back to the 28-20 victory against Pittsburgh when the Bengals gave up 100 yards rushing to the opposition and won.  

Kansas City, W 23-10 25 - 113
Cleveland, W 34-17 20 - 57 2 TDs
Pittsburgh, W 28-20 38 - 170 2 TDs
Carolina, W 17-14 16 - 60
New Orleans, W 31-16 23 - 91
Cleveland, W 30-0 14 - 51
Average per win 23 - 90

Alternatively, the Bengals defense allows, on average, 148 yards rushing per loss.

New England, L 38-13 41 - 236 3 TDs
Tampa Bay, L 14-13 25 - 126
Atlanta, L 29-27 38 - 143
Baltimore, L 26-20 38 - 129 TD
San Diego, L 49-41 26 - 107 4 TDs
Average per loss 33 - 148

What’s on tap?

The Bengals play host to the Baltimore Ravens this Thursday. Not only do they put pressure on the wild card race if they win, but the Bengals could cut the Ravens’ lead to two games.

The team could potentially see Rich Braham and Levi Jones back at practice and possibly on the field Thursday night.