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Ranking the Bengals triplets against the league.

How do the Bengals triplets stack up against the league?

Carson Palmer

Category Stat (NFL rank)
Passing Yards 2,868 (4th)
Touchdowns 21 (t-1st)
Passer Rating 99.9 (3rd)
Completions 228 (8th)
Completion % 64.4% (6th)
Attempts 354 (10th)
% of passes on 1st down 38.4% (4th)
QB Rating, 1st Half 104.6 (2nd)
QB Rating, 2nd Half 93.9 (6th)
DPAR * 57.7 (4th)
DVOA ** 24.3% (7th)

Rudi Johnson

Category Stat (NFL rank)
Rushing Yards 890 (9th)
Touchdowns 8 (t-5th)
Attempts 230 (4th)
20+ Yard Runs 4 (t-15th)
DPAR * 18.8
DVOA ** 8.3% (9th)

Chad Johnson

Category Stat (NFL rank)
Receptions 64 (3rd)
Receiving Yards 1,055 (1st)
Touchdowns 7 (t-4th)
20+ Yard Receptions 13 (t-8th)
40+ Yard Receptions 7 (1st)
DPAR * 22.7 (3rd)
DVOA ** 18.7% (12th)

* DPAR is Defense-adjusted Points Above Replacement. What would happen if you were to remove this player from his team's offense? What would happen to those 300 plays? Well, the player would not be replaced by thin air.

** DVOA breaks down every single play of the NFL season to see how much success offensive players achieved in each specific situation compared to the league average in that situation, adjusted for the strength of the opponent.

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