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Is Paul Brown Stadium Really Homefield Advantage?

Willie Anderson and the Cincinnati Bengals want their home town crowd to be loud and pumped. That, no doubt, will happen. But how much is home field really an advantage in Cincinnati? Under Marvin Lewis, the Bengals home record is 17-12 (.586). They've finished 5-3 in each of the past three seasons and are sporting an impressive 2-3 record. Since 2001, the Bengals are 22-23 (.488) at home. Maybe Willie's right. They need help.

While Rich Braham and Levi Jones are close to returning, Chris Perry breaks his leg and John Thornton hurt his knee during pre-game -- Perry is out for the season, Thornton is doubtful Thursday.

The last time the Bengals played Baltimore, Carson Palmer completed only 12 passes on 26 attempts. He had more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1) and threw for only 195 yards. That's the only time this year that Palmer had more interceptions than touchdowns -- only fifth of his career. Chris Henry was the leading receiver (2 receptions for 79 yards -- including a 71 yard reception) for the Bengals during the 26-20 loss to first place Baltimore. But how do you cover a guy that creates tons of mismatches?

"If you're the defense, who do you put out there? A safety, a corner, a linebacker? It's all a mismatch unless their corner is 6-2," Palmer said after Sunday's win. "This week it's a little different. You've got Samari (Rolle), who will probably stay on Chad, but Chris McAllister is a bigger, physical guy so the mismatch isn't so great."

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