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Is it the players or the coordinator?

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When Brian Billick fired Jim Fassel and took over the offensive play-calling, the Ravens scored 35 points -- most all season. However, it wasn't the points scored -- or lack thereof -- that doomed Fassel. Apparently players had lost their trust in the play-calling.

Head West to Cincinnati. You've heard Chad Johnson wanting more of the deep pass. You've heard Willie Anderson talk about being tough. You've heard Rudi Johnson want the ball more. There seems, at least in recent weeks, that there's been a slight dissatisfaction with the play-calling from the players. Now, players has backed off their criticisms and the team is backing offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski. Chad Johnson, Willie Anderson and Carson Palmer are talking about executing the plays. Could this be the start of Brat's end in Cincinnati or are we giving the players too much of a free pass by ripping Brat?

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