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Thurday morning coffee.

The Baltimore Sun's Childs Walker does a nice job talking about organ donation and how it effects other's lives. Case in point, Carson Palmer.

...somewhere in this country, De Rossi's liver is keeping someone alive. Elsewhere, her kidneys are doing the same. And in Cincinnati tonight, her Achilles' tendon will support Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer as he faces the Ravens.

The differences in practice schedules couldn't be much more different between the Ravens and the Bengals. Where the Bengals never took a day off and resumed practicing Monday night, the Ravens didn't report back until noon on Tuesday. Even so, they only did walkthroughs for an hour and a half -- for the week.

I've said it before: Kevin Kaesviharn and Caleb Miller are playing like studs. Miller is second on the team with 87 tackles and Mark Curnutte points out, "Kaesviharn is starting to attract Pro Bowl talk". Curnutte previews the Ravens/Bengals game.

Let's quickly review injuries. Brian Simmons could play and is listed as probable. Kelley Washington and Tony Stewart have returned to practice but Rich Braham failed to finish. Deltha O'Neal and John Thornton have no practiced.

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