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A quick week in review

I'm currently in my fourth season of Madden 2007. I've won two Super Bowls and extended the contracts of the big-time players. However, the salary cap penalties have crushed me. Therefore, I had to trade Deltha O'Neal, Levi Jones, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and John Thornton. Sorry guys. I got first round picks for O'Neal, T.J. and Jones and a second round pick for Thornton. In all, I have four first round picks and project next season to be a rebuilding season. Losing Jones hurt but I've built up Whitworth's attributes enough that he should replace Jones well -- that was before game #1. But Palmer was sacked eight times in the first game of the "2009" season. Fear not, I beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 25-22 in a battle of epic running games.

This really has nothing to do with anything relevant. I also don't have any direction to take this non-point, so let's review the week that was.

We celebrated Halloween this week. With goblins and kids wearing Chad Johnson Mohawk caps, the week was relevantly quiet -- HA!

Bob Bratkowski was in the cross hairs of fans and even players. After letting the week calm down some, radio hosts justified Bratkowski's play-calling and Willie Anderson cleared up his dissatisfaction -- it ended up being about toughness, not play-calling. Right, Willie? My only contention with people (read: radio hosts) asking us to change one play from a pass to run is a tricky question. If you change one play, you change the complexion of the drive. Personally, I think Brat he has one of the most thankless jobs in the world. However, I will give you the opportunity to tell us who you think should replace Bob. Firing someone is one thing. Replacing that person with someone better is another. So who should that be knowing the checkbook the Brown's write.

In the end, I don't care what the offense does. I just want to convert third downs and score touchdowns -- and win. Normally I'm one that likes to utilize Rudi Johnson as much as possible, but after watching New England against Minnesota on Monday Night Football, I'm now convinced you do what you have to. Pass 50 times? Go for it. Just make sure we're doing it because that's what the defense gives us -- not a coordinator's dream of a perfect passing offense.

We took a look at the Bengals remaining schedule.

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Some updates in the media this week. Specifically the firing of Andy Furman.