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I wonder... after Baltimore

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I wonder...

  • Just how much this team will self-destruct... and how big that explosion will be. Clark Judge says the "meltdown has begun." This team keeps making errors and showing their unhappy contributions to the media. Enter Chad Johnson. He says, "We suck." He continues. "Four catches? That sucks, too. I'm supposed to be your best player, but you can't even get the guy the ball. Excuses. I don't give excuses. I just get the job done. All of (the) sudden, there's a problem this year. How many catches again? Four? That sucks. I probably suck, too." From T.J. Houshmandzadeh "showing emotion" by spiking his helmet to Carson Palmer screaming at Chris Henry for his non-effort, I'm kinda wondering if our receivers shouldn't take a week off. Actually, it would be nice if they'd work out the problems and find a way to win. For the love of god, stay away from the media for awhile.. all of you. Keep it in-house.
  • If the Bengals defense is getting irritated at the Bengals offense. I won't criticize the defense this season because we never expected them to be great. All we asked the defense to do is show up Sunday and stop a drive or two. We figured our offense would score enough points to win games and hoped the defense would not lose games. Obviously, it's a difference in the generally accepted philosophy of modern football (offense doesn't lose games). We're oddballs in Cincinnati, we know that. The Bengals defense, to me, has only played poorly in two games (Atlanta and New England). The offense hasn't played well all season.
  • If Marvin Lewis is blowing smoke up the media's arse. He says, in regards to the team's preparation, "We keep getting better every week." Really? Having lost four of their past five games, the Bengals preparation is "getting better"? I don't suppose if the players preparation is getting better that the problem then is the game plan. Would that be more accurate statement? I just figure Lewis is preempting the media to avoid any comments that would be recycled on Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, SportsCenter or the 15 NFL related ESPN shows. I wouldn't blame him at all for "coach speak". Keep it in-house.
  • If the defensive line got a memo in the mail from the NFL to avoid the quarterback -- at all costs. Steve McNair found the ground two times Sunday. On one play, an offensive lineman stepped on his foot dropping him to the ground like an anchor at sea. The second time he put his knee on the ground to end the game. If you look at's gamebook, you'll note there's a big goose-egg under the headings of Quarterback Hit (QH) and Sacks for all defensive players.
  • If the season is lost. Not only are they 4-4, but are hitting a "rough" stretch in the schedule. They still have to play San Diego (6-2), New Orleans (6-2), Baltimore again (6-2), Indianapolis (7-0) and Denver (6-2). In between those games are Cleveland (2-6), Oakland (2-5) and Pittsburgh (2-6).

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