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Update: Looking ahead

We're going to hear that the tough Bengals schedule is one reason the Bengals stink. I suppose it's reasonable to contemplate that, but in the end, if you can't beat the good teams in this league, you're nothing. Fact is, this season is littered with issues off the field, injuries o' plenty and wide receivers that are getting way too much media time. We have Palmer accepting every loss (I'll say he's 1/22nd the problem) and Lewis doing his best to create some positive spin. The growing motto this year is, "we've got to do better." I figured that was obvious, but I was an intellectual sensation in high school. I'm close to suggesting this season is lost, but let's look ahead and see how right/wrong I am.

Team Comment
San Diego (6-2) LaDainian Tomlinson, in the past two weeks, has a rushed for a combined 355 yards scoring six touchdowns (one receiving). Oh god.
New Orleans (6-2) Everyone keeps ripping the Texans for drafting Mario Williams rather than Reggie Bush. The "future Gale Sayers" ran 11 times for -5 yards
Cleveland (2-6) Tomlinson ran 11 times for 129 yards rushing... in the second half. And Cleveland only lost by seven points.
Baltimore (6-2) Best team in the AFC North. Hands down. No matter what T.J. and Chad say otherwise.
Oakland (2-5) I can't wait for Monday Night's Game between Oakland and Seattle. If it wasn't enough that Oakland should be banned from primetime games for the next five seasons, Seattle is missing their offensive superstars. Is Dancing with the Stars On?
Indianapolis (7-0) Best team in the NFL, hands down.
Denver (6-2) Remember the last time we played these guys? It was Monday Night football and the 1-4 Bengals hosted the 5-1 Broncos. While the records will be different, it seems the Broncos are the better team this season -- like they were in 2004. Maybe the Bengals can reflect the same result.
Pittsburgh (2-6) I've heard all week that the Steelers have gone away from the running game and that's the reason they were 2-5 heading into Sunday. That completely explains Ben Roethlisberger's 54 pass attempts and 433 yards passing.

First Looking Ahead